Biologists said that the large mammals of ancient times destroyed people

More than 70 thousand years ago, human activity has already led to extinction of Land animals, especially the large ones. This is the conclusion of biologists and mathematicians from the University of new Mexico.


Experts say that between the size of the continent and the ratio of animals of different size on it there is a certain mathematical dependence, which in the late Pleistocene “obeyed” all the continents except Africa.

According to scientists, this may be due to the fact that ancient people used while hunting fire, and more importantly has mastered throwing weapon. With the ability to attack prey at a distance hunting of large animals is easier and safer than before. From the point of view of correlation of forces required and the benefits large mammals have become more advantageous option compared to the small. Thus, the authors of the study, raspostranyatsya rapidly in the Arctic, and then to other continents, people began to play a key role in the extermination of many animal species for a long time.

The study was published in the journal Science.

By the way, it is the ability to use throwing weapons, some scientists believe one of the key benefits of man to Neanderthals. In this case we are not talking about ancient battles between the tribes and not even about the effectiveness of hunting, but a much less obvious “trumps”, which is the ability to strike prey at a distance has given mankind. As suggested by experts at the University of California at Davis, hunting with a throwing spear demanded that the ancient people a good eye and motor skills and coordination, while allowing him “to work” hands and eyes. All this later allowed CRO-magnons to paint a much more complex drawings than did the Neanderthals. Experts do not rule out that the ability to this kind of work, in turn, over time, made people much more intelligent Neanderthals, because of which the latter became extinct, and Homo sapiens has occupied its present location on the Ground.

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