In the United States found birds that kill their own Chicks

Biologists representing Illinojsky University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, found that bird species American spise kill their Chicks. Such behavior, according to scientists, fairly uncommon for birds, or at least considered such.


Experts filmed as the female, in all probability, is the mother born five days before Chicks, pulls one of them out of the nest, then drops down. Its aim, according to scientists, it was clearly the murder of chick — spisa put too much effort to consider the incident an accident, and no other reasons why she could get out of the nest of their own offspring, scientists can not name.

According to experts, if the female got rid of the “extra” Chicks, which might not be enough food to all the offspring in General, it’s more likely it would be done immediately and not after five days after they hatched. However, even with this lack of food is the most plausible explanation of what happened. At the same time, scientists do not exclude that could unwittingly cause the death of Chicks —probably a camera installed was for the birds cause of stress, which manifested itself in such a strange way. It is also likely that the behavior of the birds affected by parasites or other unusual factors.

According to experts, a large part of the possible explanation suggests that the killing of their own offspring in birds is more common than assumed to date.

The study was published in the scientific journal The Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Previously, experts from the University of Alberta have studied another example of the murder of cubs of the same species occurring in nature. Then it was about the male North American red squirrels, which in good years disappeared offspring of competitors. If the female in this case, decides to re-breed, his father could be the shredder the previous litter. Interestingly, in lean years the males to such a strategy is not running.

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