Physical activity saves from death after a heart attack, scientists say

Cardiologists from Sweden concluded that people who survived a heart attack, you should not avoid physical activity. According to scientists, exercise and active lifestyle in General can significantly reduce the likelihood of early death.


The study involved more than 22 thousand people, each of whom suffered a myocardial infarction in the period from 2005 to 2013. The specialists have figured out how much time each of them devoted to physical exercise after 6 to 10 weeks after a heart attack and a year after this event. According to the results patients were divided into four groups depending on how physically active they were.

Subsequently, each of the participants in the study were monitored for, on average, lasted more than four years. Meanwhile, the scientists made an adjustment for such factors that could affect the result, as the age and gender of participants, their bad habits, and so on.

As it turned out, compared to complete lack of exercise for their small number reduced the risk of early death by 37 percent, and a 51 per cent. Those who have been on the move continuously, thus reduced the risk by 57 percent compared to the first group. According to the scientists, spread it on a wide variety of study participants — including the influence of physical activity did not depended on how it was the heart attack and whether they were smokers.

Although theoretically the results can be explained by the fact that longer lived people feel better and practiced it is for this reason, experts tend to believe that their results allow us to conclude about the benefits of physical activity after a heart attack. The authors of the study believe that more research is needed to understand which types of physical activity should be considered particularly useful.

On their findings, the scientists said at the conference of the European society of cardiology EuroPrevent 2018 held in the capital of Slovenia.

With these data a few overlap results a group of researchers who spoke at the same conference. Experts from the University of Ferrara in Italy found that people who walk faster, spend less time in hospitals, even if they suffer from certain problems with the cardiovascular system. Scientists have considered their findings as evidence in favor of the fact that the people who care about their health, be more likely to walk.

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