“The American star of the TV series accused of trafficking

Allison Mack from “Smallville,” which has been an active member of the cult Nxivm, taken into custody

Allison Makoto: Reuters

American actress Allison Mack, known for her role in the TV series of Superman “Smallville”, charged with trafficking in persons, informs “bi-Bi-si”. On Friday held a preliminary hearing in which she denied the allegations. 35-year-old actress will again appear before court on Monday 23 April, until then it will be taken into custody.

The charges against Mack are associated with the activities of the organization Nxivm, which, according to their official statements, conducted courses on personal growth and self-development. However, according to the police, in fact Nxivm acted as a sect, but came into it women were forced to engage in sexual relations with the leader of the organization Keith Ragnarok. He was arrested by the FBI in March of this year.

According to investigators, Allison Mack helped Raniero to lure women into the sect, where they were then exploited and used as sex slaves. Their bodies were branded with the initials of Raniera.

The organization Nxivm operates as a pyramid scheme, where members pay thousands of dollars to climb in the hierarchy. The participating groups were asked to draw the new “slaves” who have been obliged to engage in sexual relations not only with the immediate “heads”, but also the leaders of the organization. As marks “Bi-bi-si”, in Nxivm was a separate group DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium – which translates roughly as the Master of slaves). IEC were engaged in that attracted a cult of women in exchange for financial reward.

57-year-old Ranger was at the top of the pyramid, Mack was his direct Deputy.

According to the investigation, Raniera was a group of 15-20 ever changing sexual partners, who were forbidden to speak about the relations with the leader of the sect and enter into a relationship with anyone else. All members of the sect leadership had a kind of “dirt”, which served as a guarantee of their loyalty – information that could damage the family were members of Nxivm, provocative pictures or obtained the right to property.

In that case, if MEK and Raniera found guilty, he faces at least 15 years in prison.

In March there were reports that another actor from “Smallville” could be involved in illegal activities Nxivm – Kristin Kreuk has confirmed that for some time he was in the organization, but said he left her a few years ago, knew nothing about sexual slavery and no longer communicates with any of Nxivm.

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