Details became known of the death of Nina Doroshina: buried at the Pyatnitskoye cemetery

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR Nina Doroshina, star of the film “Love and doves”, the oldest actress of theatre “the Contemporary”, which, by fatal coincidence, passed away on April 21 in Moscow at the age of 83 years at the end of Sorokovik from the day of her death, without exaggeration, the eternal partner of Oleg Tabakov, but the artist until the last days of his life, bravely concealed the disease, suffered pain and strongly refused to be in a hospital bed, reports REN TV.

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Doroshina first complained to the doctors for chest pains and heart ailment more than a month before his death, March 18. In the famous folk artist has sharply jumped up pressure, and the doctors gave her a shot. Last month the ambulance four times came to Nina Doroshina.

It is also reported that the day before the death of Nina Doroshina gave his last interview.

“I’m an adult, sick man. Adult. For so many years that, of course, is bad with heart. I was in the hospital. All right, all right. I’m alive, healthy. Home” — he reassured his fans with actress.

The day before the death of Dorosini home urgently arrived the ambulance because of the sharply aggravated the chest pain, however, the actress refused from hospitalization, and after the last day of his life at home, in the native land, where he died with a clear conscience.

Farewell to Nina Doroshina will take place at the Sovremennik theater on April 24. People’s artist of Russia will find his final resting place at the Pyatnitskoye cemetery in Moscow.

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