Prevented chip: why didn’t finish the crew of the ex-pilot “Formula 1” Vitaly Petrov

The first stage of the prestigious series GT Series Endurance Sire – racing touring car endurance for the star Russian pilot Vitaly Petrov and Mikhail Aleshin failed superduty. With their replacement crews they are unable to get to the finish line. I have the feeling that on the road in the Italian Monza at the start of the 2018 destiny he fought against the Russians.

First was forced to go from the road crew, under 35-m number with Petrov in the head. Then came the turn and car # 72, which were on the track, Aleshin and his partner. But the cause is not pilot error, as often happens on long races, but a coincidence.

Teammate Aleshin, Denis Bulatov led auto quite confident, but at some point got hit. It turned out it was a foreign object, a chip flew from the ahead going car and through the radiator. With such damages it is usually necessary to leave the track and go into the pits without any hope to get back in the race.

It was later revealed that the car of SMP Racing team arrived mount rear view mirrors from the competition from Ferrari. Malice, of course, was not, but Vitaly, Denis and their companions will now have to wait for the next stage. It will be held in the UK, the cult track at Silverstone.

The championship consists of five stages. The victory on the 1-m eventually went to the crew of the Audi, an experienced fighter in this segment of Motorsport. Recall that in addition to Endurance (long race) in the GT class is the so-called GT Sprint, where the wheel alternately change not three, but two pilots. From the Russian team SMP Racing here are young Alexey Korneev and Vladimir Atoev.

April 8, at the start of the series in Zolder the Belgian driver managed to take second place in the drivers license so-called silver status, and overall — a 9. it Rarely happens that in the body class so high to climb, having started from 15th position. 3-4 GT in the “sprint” of the dual races will also be held in Britain, but on the road in Brends-Hetch.

…But in the morning Mikhail Aleshin, known for her performances in Russia and in the prestige American series, and his mates, Italian Davide Rigon and the Spaniard, Miguel Molina, was in a great mood. They showed on your Ferrari 488 best time in the qualifying rounds from the start and even was in the lead. Unfortunately, the tale ended with an hour before the end: the car did not survive a long race. And still there was one plus: it became clear that the potential of the crew is very high and remaining time you need to dedicate mainly to the technical side of the issue.

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