“Khimki” – CSKA: judgement day Russian basketball

Dating Moscow and the Moscow region teams already worthy of a separate epic. Someone came up with a good sign, “Derby Center”, with a little stretch so it is. But there is another issue: April 25, is now in the “Arena Mytischi” 20.00 inferior in a series to three victories “0:2” the hosts will try to take revenge, and the army itself, also try to solve all the questions to reduce gaming load before desirable, but has not yet reached “Final four”.

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In both meetings that started off the series was the exemplary struggle, but in the “Megasport” CSKA is an experienced athlete in the Euroleague, he managed to win both games by a couple points. Now the red-blue game on the road, but ironically even in the evroformat to go anywhere is not necessary.

The leader of Russian national team and in Khimki Alexey Shved, largely due to the national team not only won the bronze medal of the 2012 Olympics in London, but also were able to get there in the selection in Venezuela, believes that his play “Khimki” in the top eight is already a good achievement. Format “with each other” it was 30 games, and with the internal front, the load on the leader lay a colossal. Recall that the yellow-Blues have got as high as the stairs to the top European tournament for the first time.

– What about the records in the throws of something about it remind me sometimes just partners on the court, – says Alexei. – Nice, but in the last seconds of one point from a free kick or two games from the middle distance can mean much more than a collection of records. The main thing — victory. Yes, of course, if you can play nice and effective, it is certainly a plus. In General, in the game I don’t think about it…

– You are the leader of Euroleague in many respects, the best player in the country in 2017, well and “Khimki”, of course, the man I especially want to see the audience “Arena Mytischi”.

For example, in the locker room leaders are rightfully the captain Sergey Monya and for many who gave the club Egor Vyaltsev. As for me, I can set and yell, but that doesn’t mean I’m someone you don’t love. We have a team of absolute equality. Everyone has the right to emotions, loud tips. It is the law of the game.

The lesions affect mood?

– No, of course, have to analyze, but it will be night — and you forget all the trouble and prepare for the next game…

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