Liverpool defeated Roma in the first match of 1/2 final of the Champions League

English “Liverpool” and Italian “Roma” tonight open semi-finals in football the Champions League. The team managed to surprise the football world overthrown the main favourites of the Champions League – Manchester city and Barcelona.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

– Hmm. This is a real performance at Anfield. Not done it without the magnificent Salah games, a Thriller in the end with the seemingly obvious outcome of the game, and referee’s mistakes. Anyway, while Roma still have chances to qualify to the final, which could not be said when the score was 0:5 in favor of the British. At some point, the Reds just crushed the Romans. However, when steam came out, it suddenly took an Italian club. And here is the problem came from the home team. The Romans scored twice. Could do more, but it would’ve been, probably too much. Anyway, in a week we are waiting for incredible action at Stadio Olimpico!

90+5′ all of it. “Liverpool” defeated his opponent in the first semifinal match of the Champions League.

90+4′ Another minute have with Roma, on the third ball.

90+3′ Klopp produces Klavan defender instead of a striker Firmino. Jurgen doesn’t want to miss another.

90+2′ How to turn on the players Klopp dizzying speed in the middle of the first half, so they are in the middle of the second and turned off. And now Roma are pressing the defense of “Liverpool”. But until the impact is not reached.

90+1′ the Filing of a corner, and the blow fell heavily past the gate. Four minutes added to the match.

90′ But the beats from outside the penalty area! A corner won by the Italians!

89′ Another attack Roma. Perroti actively entered the game. He received the ball on the left corner of the goal and shot. But directly in hands to the goalkeeper.

88′ Yellow card for Fazio. He knocked Henderson in midfield.

87′ Another moment! A cross from Dzeko on the left, and Perroti from an acute angle could not really penetrate. Confused now Liverpool. Roma have smelled the blood, and now the Italians ferat and try to score as much as possible before the second leg.

87′ And the fun continues! Already Dzeko fired a left-metres with 30-ti – the ball flew slightly above the gate Carius.

86′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Perroti scores from the “point”. Now Roma are on a horse.

85′ Penalty! The gate Carius! Now that’s interesting! Chamber along the gate of “Liverpool” on the left, and the ball hit the defenders in the field. But the powerful shot out. Shell the path has come in the exposed hand Milner. This is a clear 11-meter!

84′ Dzeko received the ball on the left corner of the penalty area. And shot it on goal from the left hem. But easy prey for Carius.

83′ Corner was given by the owners, but they have managed players of the Italian team.

81′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Dzeko made it! Goal is at Roma! But the great found a long pass in the penalty area a Bosniak. That easily missed Lovren and Dzeko was close to Karius and shot to the left of the goalkeeper. The goal of prestige is at Roma. Does it give a chance for the team of Di Francesco?

78′ Slowed down, finally, the speed masters. They now give Roma to attack. However, the guests did not particularly work.

75′ And change the hero of the moment. Salah left. Went Ings.

74′ Lovren roughly met Strootman in midfield. Yellow showed him Brych

73′ And now Karius seriously comes into play. Filing to the left, and Chic in a shot on goal. Goalkeeper from Germany managed to cover the ball and even pick it up to hand in the bottom right corner.

72′ Oh. Now Lovren nearly brought the ball into the goal. He knocked the projectile from a free kick, but hit the oncoming Perroti. From a shell almost flew into the goal, but passed in centimetres from the left rack.

70′ Finally, Roma had a dangerous attack. Corner earned visitors. The filing of a corner, and Perroti on the left tried to break in contact with the left corner. In the tackle the defender blocked the path of the ball. Further submission followed from the right flank. There Dzeko fell against the defender. Appeal to the referee visit, but he again does not see anything criminal in the actions of Liverpool residents.

69′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Here is a 5:0! I guess that’s it. The corner of the blue brought Gonalons. Flow, and Firmino headed the ball into the goal. Take the Brazilian.

66′ Two substitutions makes Di Francesco. Left the field De Rossi. Also left joão. Perroti went on the attack.

64′ And Alison is already wrong with the game in the air. A corner, and the Brazilian goalkeeper could not really catch the ball, releasing it from his hands. Milner goes close with his head but here is Alison’s leg time to reflect the impact.

62′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Firmino! 4:0. And again Salah feeric. He went with the ball at the defender, passed him, passed by a right edge and shot. Firemn escaped the offside trap and turned the ball into the goal. It’s simple. Roma wilted.

60′ And now could the owners of the fourth to send in goals. First, Manet wanted to make a double, breaking meters with 10, but saved Alisson. Immediately on the rebound played Milner but he has bailed out the defender.

59′ And now the first shot on goal Carius in the second half. Kolarov burst into the penalty area on the left and gave the ball right under the blow of Bling. He struck it with his left to touch. The parachute ball flew past the left post.

55′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! 3:0, Mans! And again, all smacks of a serious scandal. Looks like they missed the offside in Salah. Mohamed got the ball on the right flank (while in an offside position, according to the replay), entered the penalty area and passed the ball across the goal on a Manet. The first touch pushed the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal guests. It is the defeat.

54′ Very sluggish attack “Roma” almost led to another one-on-one mane. But then judges recorded a controversial offside. A lot of non-obvious decision is taken by the officiating crew today.

51′ And here is full collection of Bracha controversial decisions in favor of the hosts! Now the ball hit the hand of podkashivatsya under Nainggolan Loureno in the penalty area. The referee did not see violations. However, guests don’t protest too much.

48′ Alexander-Arnold gets his shot on target. Unexpectedly. And inefficient. The wall he hit.

47′ And that’s already a violation of the rules the penalty “Roma”.

46′ the Second half looking! Among the guests Patrick Chic out instead of Cengiz of Under.

– Hmm. Here is the irony. Such a player, “Roma” was released in Liverpool, and now he makes double in the game with them. And it’s not over yet. The Italians started better this match. Controlled the situation, even hit the crossbar. But the minute 30, “Liverpool”, as if switched from first to second gear once on the fifth. And the Italians lost. They were not able to keep up with Liverpool and Salah. The result – 0:2 after first half. In the second half we need to improve the speed. However, we should not forget about the miracle of Rome, where “Rum”, as it seems able to defeat any.

45+2′ Two minutes have been added to the first half. And they are expired!

45′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Saaaaaaaan! 2:0! How to stop it? Roma attacked, but Lovren cleared the ball into the box. Another touch, and now Salah runs away from defenders, approaching goalkeeper and throws from the left of Alison. The ball rolled into the lower right corner of the goal guests!

44′ Another controversial decision of Bracha. Dzeko broke with the ball into the home box, but it seemed to hit the defenders. The judge again saw nothing, and even whistled in the opposite direction.

43′ now it’s your turn Firmino to misbehave. He received the ball in front of penalty box and fired. The ball deflected off the defenders flew past the right goalpost of Alison.

40′ Guests seem to desperately need a break. Attack they have ceased to be the word “all”. But in response to the attack Wijnaldum received the ball on the left corner of the penalty area and fired a left. Alison parried the ball in front of him and then knocked him Fazio.

38′ I could have double the score! They just crushed Roma in this moment. A corner, and Lovren’s head struck the crossbar of Alison. The crossbar – 1:1.

35′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Well, it’s just the Egyptian power! This goal, however, smell a little scandal. Thought that violated the rules, the players of “Liverpool” in the selection of the ball to Strootman. Immediately the ball came to the right corner of the penalty area to the Salah. Mohamed took aim and just left put the ball exactly to the left “nine” gates of Alison. Wow.

34′ And have no luck today man. Already scored the Senegalese, but he did it from a metre offside. Milner sweep, and the Senegalese scored a volley. Not according to the rules of it.

32′ Just pressed now Liverpool the visitors to their goal. But to the credit of the team of Di Francesco they keep.

31′ or what he’s doing Salah! How does our will play in the world Cup? He received the ball on the right flank and passed the ball to Firmino in the penalty area. The defender managed to beat the ball to the side. But hit the area exactly where was Salah! Instantly struck the Egyptian in the side left corner of the goals, but Alison at the last moment managed to save the gate. How he reads the play Mohamed!

30′ Manet And again chudit. Once again the British have organized dangerous attack. Chamber along the gate on the right, and Manet in touch with turn loaded much above the gate of shtrafnoi.

29′ Meeeeeee! How soooo! Senegalese brought to the gate of a stranger one on one. Sadie, strike and closer to Alison. The goalkeeper correctly reduced distance, and the hosts forward struck just over the crossbar. Any time he screwed up.

27′ But not to strike at goal guests Liverpool. Just threw the ball into the box, where the defense has dealt with the players “Liverpool”.

26′ But Juan’s tackle knocked the penalty area in front of Alison Manet. For this Brych him yellow handed. Would be a dangerous standard.

25′ is Already mad at each other on Liverpool’s side. They are not talking game, though you burst!

22′ Florenzi found on the left flank Jacko. But he was unable to continue the attack. All Italians while actively looking. Who would have thought!

19′ the Bar rescues gate Carius! Roma earned a corner. Flow, and beat defenders to head the ball into the box. There is a shell picked up by Kolarov and with his powerful left shot of metres with 35-ti. Carius had to be in the way of the ball and touched it with his hands, with the result that he changed direction and struck the crossbar. From her he flew to the away player, but he decided that was offside did not touch the ball. This is the most dangerous moment in the match yet.

18′ Roma tried to take advantage of a temporary advantage to one player, but the combination of the Italians do not go dangerous. And Wijnaldum came out on the lawn “Enfield” due to Oxlade-Chamberlain.

17′ Leaves the field of English. Owners do play with ten men.

14′ oxlade-Chamberlain is writhing in pain on the pitch. Kolarovo he was trying to hit on the leg in the fight, but he sprained his.

11′ Roma a few moments dominated. But still fairly unsophisticated attack wards Di Francesco.

10′ the Stadium angry. Juan dumped Salah in midfield. The Egyptians confused smiles. Referee Brych from Germany indifferent to the episode.

8′ Another blow far in “Liverpool”. Alison easily picks up the ball.

5′ Firmino! This is the speed at the beginning of the match! Included the Brazilian in the penalty area, became friendly with the goalkeeper to the right and took a shot. However, along the gate. Besides, he was offside. Later, the referees gave it to understand. And a stroke…

4′ We remember how Liverpool destroyed “my Teams” in the home match of the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Now while in the scenario of the meeting hard to believe.

3′ But the response from the former Roman. Salah entered the penalty area from the right and unleashed a left. The blow was not strong, and Alison took the shell easily to hand.

2′ Dangerous shot on goal Carius! Strootman fired powerfully from outside the box after discount.. The German goalkeeper took the ball in the lower left corner. Good start from Roma.

1′ let’s Go!

– Here are the starting lineups.

Liverpool: Carius, Alexander-Arnold, van Dyck, Lovren, Robertson, Henderson, Milner, oxlade-Chamberlain, Salah, mana, Roberto Firmino.

Roma: Alison, Florenzi, Manolas, Fazio, Juan Jesus, Kolarov, De Rossi, Nainggolan, Strootman, Under, Jacko.

– Hello, dear fans of football! Welcome to the 1/2 final match of League of Champions between English “Liverpool” and Italian “Roma”.

Way rivals to the Champions League semi-final were different. Liverpool, in many respects, managed to solve their problems in the playoffs in the first matches. Porto were defeated with the score 5:0, and “Teams” – with the account 3:0. Second leg was a mere formality. The Portuguese played 0:0, and Bayern did lose 1:2.

Roma both times hung on the verge of elimination from Champions. First, the team of Di Francesco barely defeated Shakhtar Donetsk (away was defeat – 1:2, and a home victory 1:0), and then all have a chance to say goodbye to the Romans after a crushing defeat in Barcelona (1:4). But the miracle at the Stadio Olimpico (the victory with the account 3:0) forced to talk about the indomitable nature of the Roma players.

So who is this character cool? The British, or the Italians?

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