The analysis of the tour with Vladimir Ponomarev: “Surprises in the defeat of “Spartacus” no”

Left little more than three weeks before the end of the season in the Premier League. Now for any team in each match is worth its weight in gold. Some have at stake is the title of other competition and other right for another year to stay in the Russian Premier League. About games culminating in the 27th round of the championship of Russia we talked to the semi-final of the 1966 world Cup, a permanent expert and a great friend of “MK” Vladimir Ponomarev.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

— Vladimir Alekseevich, what are your impressions about the tour in General?

— The Central match CSKA – “Krasnodar”. Did not think that CSKA will win. Considered nechako unable to drive. Well done! They helped team spirit: one for all, all for one. No one who is not offended, all my actions, that they have. “Zenit” played against Arsenal 3:3. St. Petersburg is not in a great manner. It is very good for CSKA. He with Zenit’s next game. I think the army men on the move are: Musa gets better, gets good physical shape. Me in this round, CSKA have liked, the team looked favorably on the pitch, trying. Not everything worked, but at least the players played with desire. I think CSKA will go on a good game. The youth did a good job: Chalov, Kuchaev. But he, apparently, is a kind of role. He is not allowed to play out in full force, do not require all that it can do. There are good signs.

— Maybe Musa has spurred the recent quarrel with Gancharenko?

— Remember about it only journalists. The coach and the player forgot about it for a long time. Musa enters the game and does what he can: fires, open, scores goals.

I am surprised for vitinho. Can not be disclosed. In Copacabana there are many. With him probably a little mistake. Strange player. I don’t understand him and no one may not understand. It is difficult to interact with. He’s confused, doesn’t know how to play, frankly. Don’t even know what a wall is. I can see it. Need a lot of work physically, but he is not ready. Understand, each with its own specialty. Someone runs fast; the other just shoots.

— What to do for vitinho?

I won’t do anything. Release for 15 minutes — is enough. It is dead. To sell? No one will buy. If only back in Brazil, on the Copacabana. He’s an athlete and needs to play, to work for themselves. That’s all. Before there were coaches-educators, and now nobody needs to bring: money to pay — come out and play.

— In CSKA squad problems — the usual thing. Without for vitinho in the attack no one.

Yes, Milanov sitting, not playing. The shop is small.

Worse will be if summer will take Berezutskiy and Ignashevich.

I will probably go. They don’t want to play as much as possible. It is difficult for them.

— And if to speak about other teams.

— Most importantly — identified the leaders of the table: “the locomotive” CSKA, “Spartak”, “Zenit”. They will fight for a medal, and army men can climb high.

The following match “the locomotive” holds in “Krasnodar” on the opponent’s field. For us the main thing — to calm “Zenit”. In Petrograd it is necessary to win. “Zenith” plays very unstable, with large failures. To concede three goals against Arsenal is a lot.

There was a psychologically important moment — the speech of Artem Dzuba.

— Come on, Dzuba, Dziuba! Found a player! Well, he scored on the rebound. Tried, of course, but it is not this very moment created, and scored after a good blow, which was reflected by the rod.

— He is eloquent.

Ha ha… What else can he do! Of course, eloquent; trying to prove that he is something. Hoped back on to the team. It is a matter of the coaching staff.

— What should be done, Lokomotiv not to lose the advantage in the remaining games?

They do not relax, but they have nothing because they already consider themselves Champions. Them hard mentally. It seems to have a lot to win, the composition is good, but it ain’t working. I had a kind of breakdown. It happens. A pair of they released and at the end of the season can get in the “hole” and very deep. Moreover, to play with the “Krasnodar”. After the defeat of the “Krasnodar” again will go on the attack, will rant and rave, to cling to the good place. I think they will give battle “to the locomotive”, whether it’s a big one. They have a team of very decent, on-the-go. With them will be difficult to handle.

— What qualities are important for this?

— No. Let them play as played. It is hard for them to focus on the game. It’s a mental thing: you want to score quickly, and nothing happens. They get nervous, can slightly tremble. Leadership is not just given, it’s a double-edged sword.

— Is it fair, in your opinion, the present distribution of power?

— Yes, of course. CSKA restored. They had a slump, alarm bell, but now they feel fine. They have a good class a team game. Can’t someone highlight. Importantly Musa regaining skills and confidence.

— This season decided the first team to be eliminated from the Premier League for next season.

— God bless her! I’m not paying attention. It has long been known that SKA-Khabarovsk fly from the Premier League. It’s natural. And thank God! It is very far to fly. Do not need them to enter the big leagues. Probably need a different way to organize the League. As for the KHL, zone conferences: West and East. First play in two streams, and then have the Central matches “on a departure”. Fly to the far East is very expensive. Need to come up with something else. Well, where to throw such huge distances.

— Ended the tour with a match “Spartak” — “Ahmad” and the defeat of defending champion Russia. This sensation?

— Nothing unexpected. “Spartak” did not depart from the Cup match with “Tosno” is the first. For “Spartaka” it is a great tragedy, they are in shock, in a trance and can’t recover. The second command actually appears in some disassembled form. Slumped: Glushakov sat on the bench, you will not find yourself in any way. Was a good player, leading the captain. He zatyukali. After the game against Tosno Spartak crumbled, broke down psychologically. The team doesn’t believe in himself and get it now very difficult. So by “Ahmad” is. To note no one here; all is taken. They don’t even know what to do on the football pitch, roll ball, pass each other, but nothing dangerous at the gates of the enemy is created. Nothing surprising. I assumed it would.

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