“Drank alcohol, forced to dance naked, raped”: near Krasnoyarsk have caught the pedophile

In Zelenogorsk near Krasnoyarsk caught 55-year-old pedophile, who lured eve into her apartment 10-year-old girls, and left me there with them, dancing naked, and then raped. Provided by the Department of the TFR in the Krasnoyarsk territory the video of the interrogation, repeatedly judged the man calmly explained that he did it all just “objwshell alcohol”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As reported on the Agency’s website on Thursday, now concerning 55-the summer earlier repeatedly judged resident of the city of Zelenogorsk, a criminal case under article “violent actions of sexual nature committed against minors.”

The investigation revealed that on Wednesday 24 April, a man was fraudulently lured to his apartment two ten year old friends, and then they were raped.

The police filed the grandmother of one of the girls.

Additional information can be gleaned from published the result of a video interrogation of men. There he said that he did not remember exactly how the girl appeared in his apartment: “Che asked them, you see something else, maybe interested in something”.

After the pedophile said that at home he turned the girls music, TV.

“Danced, then made to undress, he undressed… inadequate In this state, was, drunk, alcohol drunk,” – said the suspect.

Now he sits with head bowed low. The rest of his life he will spend in prison.

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