RCDS closed the case of the torture of mothers by the police

Three policemen from the Irkutsk Usolye-Siberian, accused of torture and knocking out the testimony of a local resident of Marina Rosewall managed to avoid punishment. After a year of proceedings, the Investigating Committee decided to close the case against the mayor and two security officers, reports the edition “Siberia.Realities”.

photo: SKR

A case of abuse by police officers of powers of office with application of violence opened in early February 2016. The investigators handed it over to the Prosecutor’s office, where, according to human rights activist Pavel Glushchenko, the documents are returned to correct deficiencies. During the year, the UK led the re-investigation, and in December of 2017 have decided to close the case. However, the victim only found out on April 25.

The incident occurred on 2 January 2016. Two men in civilian clothes came home to 35-year-old mother Marina Roseway and said that her neighbor murdered. Showing the identity, security officers asked the woman to get to the office to see photographs of the suspects.

The woman told me that her to the police station for several hours, tortured, demanding to confess to the murder of a neighbor. Ruzaeva told that she was beaten with a Taser and put her head pack, and hand – cuffs. In addition, the police threatened to kill the woman and her family and three young children.

Ruzaeva released only five and a half hours. When the woman arrived, the husband, the police pushed her down the stairs in his direction. Ruzaeva sought medical help she was diagnosed with multiple contusions of head and body, and burns. Human rights activists intend to appeal the decision.

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