Football the championship of Russia “the locomotive” will wash “gold” in Krasnodar

“MK” continues the traditional categories, which not only announced the matches of the nearest round of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL), but given forecasts. Especially for you we have gathered all the useful information about upcoming games in one place: from statistics of personal meetings rivals to the quotations of bookmakers. I hope with our help you will be easier to understand in the pre-match scenario.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

28 April, Saturday

“Arsenal” (Tula) — “Anzhi” (Makhachkala)

19.30 (hereinafter time Moscow). Tula. The Arsenal stadium (capacity 20 048)

The total value of players: 26 400 000 € / 16 € 750,000

Referee: Sergey Karasev (Moscow)

Trainers: Miodrag Božović / Vadim Skripchenko

Leaders: Artem Dzyuba / Arsen Khubulov

The meeting in the first round: 2:3

The last meeting in Tula: 1:0

Total balance: +1=0-2, 3:4

Last 5 Arsenal games in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 8:11

The last 5 matches of Anji in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 4:7

Factors of bookmakers: 2,20—3,00—3,35

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: the Tula enthusiasm Makhachkala vs motivation. From the tournament point of view, “Anji” may be happy with a draw and it is quite possible that the world will end this meeting. Goals but we’ll see. Prediction: 2:2

29 April, Sunday

“Amkar” (Perm) — “Spartak” (Moscow)

14.00. Perm. Stadium “The Star” (17 000)

The total value of the players: 16 800 000 / 122 100 000

Referee: Kirill Levnikov (Saint Petersburg)

Coaches: Vadim Evseev / Massimo Carrera

Leaders: Artur Nigmatullin / Quincy Promes

The meeting in the first round: 0:0

The last meeting in Perm: 0:1

Total balance: +3=8-16, 21:49

The last 5 matches of Amkar in the Premier League: +3=0-2, 6:7

The last 5 matches of Spartak in the Premier League: +3=0-2, 10:8

Factors of bookmakers: 5,75—3,40—1,70

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: “Spartak” clearly swam at the finish of the championship, and “Amkar” with the advent of the post of chief coach Vadim Evseev is clearly on the rise. To beat the team of guests will certainly not overplayed, and goals are unlikely to be able to organize in the gates of Alexander Selikhova, but Spartak’s attack, implementing at best 1 point out of 10, not promises of the goals. Prediction: 1:1

“Zenith” (St.-Petersburg) — CSKA (Moscow)

16.30. Saint-Petersburg. The Stadium “Saint Petersburg”, (68 134)

The total value of the players: 129 780 000 / 101 680 000

Referee: Roman Galimov (Ulan-Ude)

Coaches: Roberto Mancini / Viktor Gancharenko

Leaders: Bronislav Ivanovich / Ahmed Musa

The meeting in the first round: 0:0

The last meeting in Saint-Petersburg: 1:1

Total balance: +16=11-12, 48:43

The last 5 matches of “Zenit” in the Premier League: +3=1-1, 9:7

The last 5 matches of CSKA in the Premier League: +3=1-1, 9:5

Factors of bookmakers: 2,20—3,10—2,85

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

“MK”: the temptation to put in this match on a draw, but given the tournament situation rivals, it is unlikely that in St. Petersburg it will end the division points. Prediction: 0:1

“Rostov” (Rostov-on-don) — Tosno (Tosno)

19.00. Rostov-on-don. “Rostov-Arena” (43 702)

The total value of the players: 25 100 000 / 14 950 000

Referee: Alexey Matyunin (Moscow)

Coach: Valery Karpin / Sergei Front

Leaders: Timofei Kalachev / David Yurchenko

The meeting in the first round: 1:1

The recent meeting in Rostov-na-Donu: 4:1

Total balance: +2=1-1, 6:3

The last 5 matches of FC Rostov in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 6:6

The last 5 matches, winning in the Premier League: +0=1-4, 3:9

Factors of bookmakers: 1,60—3,65—5,75

Stream: “Our football”

MK: it would not have been motivated by “Tosno” and “Rostov” has not yet secured itself from falling into the play-offs. On the other hand the team Valery Karpin strategically enough, so the matches are on a collision course to wait in Rostov-on-don is not necessary. Prediction: 2:1

April 30, Monday

“Ufa” (Ufa) — “SKA-Khabarovsk” (Khabarovsk)

11.30. Ufa. The Stadium “Neftyanik” (15 200)

The total value of the players: 25 430 000 / 13 950 000

Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg)

Coaches: Sergei Semak / Sergei Front

Leaders: Dmitry Stotskaya / Alexander Dovbnya

The meeting in the first round: 2:2

The last meeting in Ufa: 1:0

Total balance: +3=4-0, 9:5

The last 5 matches “Ufa” in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 4:5

The last 5 matches of SKA in the Premier League: +0=1-4, 0:8

Factors of bookmakers: 1,20—5,10—11,50

Stream: “Our football”

MK: the only Question is the goal difference-which will win the Ufa. Prediction: 1:0

“Dynamo” (Moscow) — “Rubin” (Kazan)

14.00. Khimki. “Arena Khimki” (18 636)

The total value of the players: 26 700 000 / 34 900 000

Referee: Vitaly Meshkov (Dmitrov)

Coaches: Dmitry Khokhlov / Kurban Berdyev

Leaders: Alex Kozlov / Gokdeniz Karadeniz

The meeting in the first round: 0:0

The last meeting in Khimki: 0:0

Total balance: +3=11-16, 21:45

The last 5 matches of Dynamo in the Premier League: +3=0-2, 6:8

The last 5 matches of “ruby” in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 9:6

Factors of bookmakers: 2,45—2,85—2,90

Stream: “Our football”

MK: In round plenty of matches with more high-profile posters, but in Khimki can get the most interesting match of the round. Khokhlovskoe “Dinamo” played very nicely, in an effort to control the ball and dominate on the field. Matching the style can be traced in the actions of blue and white from game to game all the more noticeable. But the same words can be said about berdyanska “Ruby”. It turns out that when approximate equality opponents will be a team factor and motivation. Both on the side of Muscovites. Prediction: 3:2

“Ahmad” (Grozny) — “Ural” (Ekaterinburg)

16.30. Terrible. “Akhmat-Arena” (30 597)

The total value of the players: 34 680 000 / 20 280 000

Referee: Alex Eskov (Moscow)

Coaches: Igor Ledyahov (acting) / Alexander Tarkhanov

Leaders: Andrey Semenov/ Eric Bicfalvi

The meeting in the first round: 0:2

The last meeting in Grozny: 5:2

Total balance: +4=4-5, 20:22

The last 5 matches of “Ahmad” in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 6:4

Last 5 games for Ural in the Premier League: +3=2-0, 9:4

Factors of bookmakers: 1,60—3,40—4,70

Stream: “Our football”

MK: essentially meaningless for opponents match. “Ural” this spring wakes up in the rare moments when he finds the sense to fight for points, but “Ahmad”, after replacing the coaching post Galaktionova on Leahova, clearly cheered up and gave some good matches. Remember that the match takes place in Grozny… Prediction: 2:1

“Krasnodar” (Krasnodar) — “The Locomotive” (Moscow)

19.00. Krasnodar. The Stadium “Krasnodar” (34 291)

The total value of the players: 86 100 000 / 63 000 000

Referee: Michael Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod)

Coaches: Murad Musayev (acting) / Yuri Semin

Leaders: CSKA Moscow / Manuel Fernandes

The meeting in the first round: 0:2

The last meeting in Krasnodar: 1:2

Total balance: +3=1-9, 14:24

The last 5 matches of FC Krasnodar in Premier League: +2=1-2, 7:5

The last 5 matches of Lokomotiv in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 6:2

Factors of bookmakers: 1,55—3,80—6,70

Stream: “Match TV” , “Our football”

“MK”: Monstrous for the “bulls” statistics of personal meetings with “Loco” is easily explained – stylistically the team of Yuri Semin “Krasnodar” more enjoyable opponent than, say, “Ufa” or “Amkar”. So in this match where on the field the hosts will be able to leave CSKA Moscow, Muscovites will surely find effective moves to cool down attacking zeal and enthusiasm of the residents. Moreover, the victory in this meeting will make “the locomotive” the champion in 2 rounds to finish the championship. Prediction: 0:1

The standings after 27 rounds

Lokomotiv — 57 points. CSKA – 51. Spartak — 50. Zenit – 49. “Krasnodar” -47. “Ufa”, “Arsenal”, “Ural” — for 36. Rubin — 35. “Ahmad” – 34. Dynamo -33. Amkar, Rostov – on 31. “Anji”, “Tosno” — 24. SKA — 13.


The team that took the championship in the last two places in the standings, next season will hold in Germany. Teams finishing in 13-14-th place, will play butt matches with the teams placed 3-4th place in the championship of Germany. The teams which take 1-3 places will automatically qualify for the Champions League, 4-5 in the Europa League.


Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 14 goals (3 from the penalty spot). Fedor Smolov (FC Krasnodar) — 12 (2). Alexander Kokorin (“Zenith”), Jefferson farfán (“Lokomotiv”) — 10 (0). Luiz Adriano (“Spartak”) — 10 (1)

Scorers (goal+assist)

Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 14+7. Fedor Smolov (“Spartak”) — 12+5. Luiz Adriano (“Spartak”) — 10+6. Viktor Klasson (“Krasnodar”) — 9+6.

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