“Purchase RDIF partners with a stake in EDC will be considered together with Schlumberger

– The government Commission on monitoring foreign investment in Russia asked to include the acquisition of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) with a stake in Eurasia Drilling (EDC) in one set with the deal with the American Schlumberger, told reporters the head of the FAS Igor Artemyev at the end of the session.

Экономика28 APR 2018Правкомиссия approved Schlumberger purchase from a blocking stake to 49% of the shares EDCЧитать read more

RDIF in consortium with middle Eastern and Asian funds seek to buy stake in EDC in the amount of 16.1%.

“Considered the deal to Eurasia, which is an alternative to Schlumberger, what exactly was said. Since there are two claimants on the company Eurasia – on the one hand it RDIF and appropriate funds from the UAE, on the other hand, company of Schlumberger, the proposed FAS together with our valued partners, first of all it concerns the Ministry of environment, Ministry of economic development, to determine optimal configuration”, – said Artemyev.

“That is, if we’re talking about what can be 25% plus one share to give Schlumberger as an option, if we agree with the company – there is also important the price and other topolove – it might be just the RDIF and the UAE, who together purchase 16% – 25%+16% is quite a good configuration, not taking control, but significant generating hundreds of millions and even a billion dollars”, – explained the head of FAS.

According to him, such a configuration of the transaction (25% plus 16%) is sure to be one under negotiation. “So the government Commission that approved the deal with RDIF, and just asked her to include in the kit Schlumberger as a single solution which can lead to the final solution, who has how many – how many the Russian shareholders, as the United Arab Emirates, how much do Schlumberger,” said Artemyev.

“They can among themselves, probably to talk (applicants for the purchase of shares in EDC – if), but each of them talk individually to us, in the end, it is important to negotiate with each of them,” – said the head of the Antimonopoly service.

Previously, he had reported that the consortium is applying for a minority stake of EDC, included the Russian-Chinese investment Fund (created by the RDIF and China Investment Corporation), a Sino-Eurasian economic cooperation Fund (China-Eurasian Economic Cooperation Fund, CEF), middle East funds, including Mubadala from the UAE.

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