“The state Commission on nonvertical has allowed the Russian part of the deal, Fortum/Uniper

– The governmental Commission of the Russian Federation on control over foreign investments approved the petition on buying the structure of the Finnish Fortum 47% of the assets of German group Uniper (Russia owns PJSC “Yunipro”), the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev.

“The Commission reacted positively and approved the transaction Fortum (indirect acquisition of a stake in the company – if) “Yunipro”, the company that owns power facilities in Russia is the large number of network assets, other electric power facilities. Fortum is allowed to buy (indirect control – if) 47% or more of the shares of the company “Yunipro”, – said Artemyev.

“As a company Fortum is controlled by the government of Finland, they can not be more than 50% of the purchase according to the current legislation, so they got almost the maximum of what they requested. This deal will be approved,” – said the head of FAS.

As reported, on October 6, last year in the FAS received two petitions of the company Karemi Charge and Drive SE (structure of the Finnish Fortum). One in accordance with the Federal law “On foreign investments”, second – in accordance with the law “On protection of competition”. The petitions concern the acquisition of the right to indirectly dispose of more than 25% of capital of “Juniper Neftegaz”, JSC “Yunipro”, Unpromising, OOO”, OOO “AMS Siberia”, OAO “Shaturskaya upravlyayuschaya Kompaniya”, LLC “E. IT.On Konnekting Energies “. All these companies belong to the group “Yunipro”. In respect of a request filed in accordance with the law on protection of competition, preliminary analysis showed that as a result of the transaction there will be a reduction in the number of actors on the market of production of electric energy and capacity, previously reported in the FAS.

“The results of preliminary analysis of the status of competition in the wholesale electricity market, in the case of transactions between subsidiaries of the companies Fortum Finnish Fortum and holding Uniper – “Yunipro” there is a significant risk of the formation of monopoly merger in areas free flow “Ural” and “Tyumen”, – said Deputy head of FAS Vitaly Korolev reporters in October.

It was reported that Fortum plans to acquire German Uniper, he appreciates the company to 8.05 billion euros. To close the deal, Fortum expects by mid-2018.

Fortum owns assets in Russia. The Finnish company belongs 94,88% in PJSC Fortum (former TGC-10) and about 30% in PJSC “TGC-1” . Uniper owns 83,73% in PJSC “Yunipro” (the former OGK-4).

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