“The”Interfax” integrated into a SPARK data 300 million global companies

Users “SPARK-Interfax” has gained access to new sources of information, which fundamentally expanded the capabilities of the system, and for the updated service for the visualization of relations of the legal entities.

So, in SPARK you can now make requests to the Unified state register of real estate (Rosreestr) and to obtain information about objects of real estate, rights of ownership or encumbrances. Search objects is conducted at the address or cadastral number.

SPARK is also integrated with the database of the Corporation Dun & Bradstreet and launched a single search on all companies registered in the world.

“The global database of Dun & Bradstreet unrivalled in the world by volume and is based on a unique technology standardization, data verification. Our users have made available information on almost 300 million companies from 220 countries. The search engine system, the SPARK gives you the opportunity to select companies by country, by activity, revenue, headcount. A brief overview of the company allows to instantly assess the size of the company, to understand the scope of its activities, to obtain information about the management of the parent company,” – said Deputy General Director of Group “Interfax” Roman Laba.

Another novelty was the extension of the functionality of the service “Search for relations” at the expense of new types of relationships. Thus, trademarks provide an opportunity to monitor communication through a franchise relationship. Another new category is “possible” when built without the use of the identification codes using the name of objects and a number of other supporting factors.

The SPARK (www.spark-interfax.ru) – IT services Group “Interfax”, which has become in Russia the industry standard in providing information on companies. Quality and relevant information about the companies in the system combined with analytical tools and services based on knowledge of information sources and a thorough understanding of the challenges daily to solve clients SPARK. The system is used to verify Contracting companies, risk management and receivables. SPARK annually processes over 500 million queries from tens of thousands of users.

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