Andrey Olkhovsky: “Kafelnikov need to apply to court and demand compensation”

The British media is again showing a fair amount of vigor in seeking to discredit the Russian sports. Now, in the center of their attention was tennis, and the events that took place 15 years ago.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The Telegraph, citing a report on the fight against corruption in men’s professional tennis announced: the former first racket of the world Russian tennis player, a multiple winner of tournaments of “Grand slam”, Olympic champion 2000 in Sydney Yevgeny Kafelnikov was forced to retire because of suspicions of manipulation of match results.

According to the publication, deliberately Kafelnikov lost in the first round of the tournament in Lyon in 2003, its little-known counterpart — the Spanish tennis player Fernando Vicente, who was at that time only 68 th place world ranking. Bookmakers stopped taking bets on this match before it starts, but allegedly, the then assistant commander Kafelnikov Michael still managed to put a certain amount of money to defeat the Russian athlete, and the rate that, according to The Telegraph, has been issued to Bank card Kafelnikov.

Eugene reaction to the publication was immediate. Kafelnikov has described as “nonsense” spread the rumours about him and called journalists “not to carry stuff.”

— I retired for other reasons. Don’t know whether there were in relation to my investigation in 2003. It makes no sense to talk about the past, I know nothing about the report and the investigation,” said Kafelnikov, the authors of the controversial publication.

Specially for “MK” commented the situation of the famous tennis player and the coach of Russian national team Andrey Olkhovsky.

— I think such unsubstantiated inflation of rumors all wrong. Each edition should be responsible for their words. If unfounded accuse someone of something, and the athlete was not involved in this, these things need to apply to court and demand moral and material compensation to continue was nothing like this. The prospects of this trial are very promising, at least when it comes to protection of honor and human dignity.

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