Judo European championship: Russia played chess on the Mat

Championship of Europe on judo in tel Aviv, the team ended with the victory of team Russia. Men’s and women’s teams won four gold medals, one silver and three bronze. “We know that we have a strong team, capable to win,” General Manager of national teams Ezio Gamba smiled, traditionally called reporters at the time that he was able to allocate to summarize: two minutes. During this period of time the specialist has time to evaluate the performance of our athletes at five points, to note the progress of the women’s team and to ascertain that training in Israel on the way to the Olympic games in Tokyo was perfect.

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Gold medal to the Russian team (in addition to the three medals the first day) on the last day was won by newcomer Michael Igolnikov (up to 90 kg), having won a beautiful victory over the Serb Nemanja Mailowym. Igolnikov also gave a beautiful description of the final: “I usually work out every fight and laid out like a game of chess. The moves, action, grappling, throws. In the final everything went neatly, accurately and as expected. Waited for the moment to catch the opponent, then throw. To win the Junior competitions I missed one or two combinations, and at the adult level already know how you fight and throws. So fights become more complex, it is necessary to beat the competitor. Getting it done”.

Was close to gold and Tamerlan Bashaev (over 100 kg), but lost to the Olympic champion from the Czech Republic Lukas Krpalek, received silver. “For the final strength is not enough, I was hoping for gold, said of Tamerlan. – I had a difficult group, in all fights very serious contenders, I’m tired. So little practiced. Yes, he fought with the Olympic champion. One day it all won but may lose. Czech is taller than me, but I struggled with bigger opponents and won”.

Not just had the championship for Aslan Lapinov (up to 81 kg) lost in semifinal fight of the Saga of Flour from Israel (future European champion). Happiness overflowed tribunes was just raging. Flour has confidently won on the way to the semi-finals, Mappingof not only resisted it, but also took the initiative. Alas – three comments from the judges. In the small final to Aslan for a minute beat the Portuguese, Egotize and won a second consecutive continental bronze, calling it a consolation prize for losing the host of the championship.

“Today I have again bronze, but next year is sure to be “the gold,” said Mappingof – will no longer work. I will not blame the judges. Now nothing can fix, but I’ll be angrier at the September world championship in Baku. In my weight Azerbaijanis have no contender for a medal, so don’t have to fight for and with stands. I was doing my job, even though he knew that the judgment is unlikely to be in my favor. By the end of the fight, the opponent got tired and I started to add, but then unexpectedly received “shido” for the reception, which never did.”

General Manager of national teams of Russia of Ezio Gamby commented on a situation so: Mappingof was stronger Flour in the fight for the finals, and his loss (not one hundred and even two hundred percent) – the result of judicial error.

“All Russian internationals – potential Olympic star – told reporters the head of the European judo Union Sergei Soloveichik. And by the way, it is no secret that today there is a hunt for Russian athletes. “Buy” the athlete in agreement with the Federation that this opportunity is today. It is clear that every athlete wants to have a chance to participate in the Olympic games, but I sharply negative attitude to such arrangements: athletes must not betray the interests of their countries and federations”.

Said the head of the EJU and that individual and team tournaments in 2018 separated in time and place. In tel Aviv hosted the European individual and team tournament will take place in Ekaterinburg. “The audience hard to watch over the course of events four days in a row, we want to make the tournaments more attractive and spectacular. Bright team competition in the format of “wall to wall”, which are usually held on the last day of the European Championships, collected a lot of viewers, we decided to conduct them separately. Short tournaments are good for athletes. I would like that the form stuck. Next year the championship will be held in the framework of the European Olympic games. And in a year we will try personal and team Championships of the continent to divide again”.

Answering the question whether, in connection with the difficult situation around Russia to spend in the short term, the European and world Championships, Sergei Soloveichik said, “I only Know that 51 European country will gladly take part in competitions on our site. Importantly, the activities should not interfere political power. But life is life. Recently at the European Cup, the Serb refused to fight with a judoka from Kosovo. For us it is an exceptional situation, because before to think about this, no one could. Our sport has always been apolitical, and we, how can we resist its manifestations.”

In Israel, the Russian team regained the victory in the unofficial team standings, which was won three years ago at the European games in Baku. And already on may 25 at the Grand Prix of China starts Olympic ratings race.

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