Madrid have not lost to Bayern and reached the Champions League final

Real Madrid this evening to try for the third time in a row to reach the final of the Champions League. Strongly resist this attempt of the Munich “Bavaria”. The team of Jupp Heynckes, though lost the first match at home, still has good chances of success.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

– Hmm, again there will be debate about the refereeing after the match between real Madrid and Bayern. Cakir has not appointed, judging by the replays, three, or four from the penalty spot. Moreover, different gate. And can they, like anyone else, to use the gifts of your opponent. This happened in Munich after the mistakes of Rafinha. It happened and now because of that did the goalkeeper Ulreich. Although rescued, he is also quite. Although Navas the owners, of course, was inimitable, in Munich, in Madrid. And now they can only wait for the final opponent. Tomorrow they will be one of a pair of “Roma” – “Liverpool”. And real congratulations to the third consecutive exit in the Champions League final!

90+7′ Mueller missed 99% of the time! And the final whistle! Real Madrid in the final! Finally the ball came to a lonely Thomas, who from the right corner of the goalie tried to smuggle the ball into the goal, but just missed him!

90+6′ a Minute perigiali team. The Bavarians are loaded into the penalty area, but defenders of the “real” slugger!”

90+5′ Played the ball home, but only out earned. Well, there is still time in Bavaria!

90+4′ the Corner has earned Vasquez in front of goal!

90+3′ Five minutes added. Navas saves again “real”! Lewandowski sweep, ricochet, and Navas in front of Muller had laid the ball!

90+2′ There was added, is still unknown. Meanwhile, in the crush at the gates of “real” earned the Bavarians the next corner. The filing of a corner on the left, and Hummels to head the ball wide of the goal. This was a chance for him.

90+1′ – Patch, the goalkeeper, the doctors of real Madrid.

90′ Supply of Alcantara, and Navas managed to knock the ball away for a corner! While the injury was Costa Rican. Faced it once with four players. And with the, and with strangers.

89′ the Bavarians began to randomly play. But still this led to the fact that Casemiro fouled player Bayern in their own half. Dangerous.

87′ another five minutes have Bayern to score the winning. And while off the field the owners have gone Asensio. Out Nacho in defence.

85′ Then Martinez is replacing was noted that entered the leg of the opponent. But Cakir did not warn of the Spaniard.

84′ And immediately after that, Heynckes replaced the Colombian. Out Javi Martinez. It is unlikely this is due to the previous episode.

83′ Marco Asensio leg cramped. James was able to continue the attack, but decided to show the principles of Fair play. He knocked the ball out of the field.

82′ Alaba sweep to the left, but there is Varane hit the ball.

79′ Alaba curled the ball left the penalty area. The filing had not happened, but Muller still managed to head the ball goalwards. Navas jumped for the ball flying towards the bottom right corner and lost him on the corner. The filing of a corner is terrible – the ball flew across the penalty area.

78′ And now real Madrid managed to come out ahead. Ronaldo brought the players “creamy” to the gate, but then came Sula and sliding tackle managed to throw himself at the feet of Cristiano, who has already hit the target. The ball went for a corner. The filing of a corner, but there was no one misses the owners.

75′ another bainesy moment at gate of Navas! This time Ribery gave the penalty, to the 11-meter mark, where he gets in touch James, but he was interrupted Varan. Saved it also as the gate Navas a minute earlier.

74′ Navas! Goalkeeper saves now their possessions after the shot is in focus Tolisso from the right corner of the goal. The ball rebound from the ground flew into the left corner of the goal real Madrid, however, fought off a bout with the ball to the side, showing the wonders of the reaction!

72′ Double substitution from real Madrid. Zidane decided to remove the tired of goleadora Benzema. And left of the goal. Instead, they came bale and Casemiro.

70′ Lewandowski now deduced Ribery on the left edge of the penalty area, but was benched Lucas Vazquez. Then have Navas took the ball in his hands.

67′ But it is unfair. Played corner, real Madrid. Marcelo was ready to attack from outside the penalty area of Bayern, but then from the stands came the second ball, and Play had to stop the game. Very annoyed that Marcelo. Jump ball had to play, and Bayern cleared the ball for half the field of real Madrid, which caused an uproar in the stands.

65′ the Bavarians already have pressure all over the field of real Madrid! In the end, Vasquez on his right wing defense fouls Alaba. Yellow to him.

63′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Still, Bayern equalized! Sole shot along the gate. There is a James shot, but the ball hit the defender, perhaps in the arm. However, did not stop the Colombian and ran to the right corner of the penalty area, which flew to the ball and fired a low shot from an acute angle. Navas saved the ball flew into the bottom left corner! So, Munich is left to score another. And not to miss.

62′ And now Modric received a yellow for a foul on Thiago alcántara.

60′ And that was dangerous at gate of Navas! Sule was beaten from the penalty, but hit one of his own. Then the Bavarians were able to bring the case before another hit.

58′ Corner earned the Bundesliga Champions. They played the standard, but Mueller was unable to break from the cluster of defence.

57′ Came to Bayern after such an awkward goal. For several minutes the team of Heynckes control the ball. But the defense of the hosts of failures does not.

54′ now, Cristiano is simply forgives Bayern! With the goal line he beat already, but missed. lost sight of him. Although it is now openly playing the Munich club, chances are the feeling will still be Ronaldo.

54′ And now only Hummels managed to block Ronaldo’s path to goal. A cross from Asensio and Cristiano stretched in the penalty area the ball foot, but the opposition defender managed to stop the threat of the Portuguese.

53′ Modric gets his shot on target with the penalty! The ball went wide of the left post. And there just Asensio and Ronaldo managed to get on.

53′ Quite Cakir doesn’t want to remember about a penalty. Now Lewandowski in the penalty area got the ball, but fell again in the fight against Ramos. Again the Turkish referee sees nothing. Although the replay says that the penalty it was possible to assign. As at the moment with Benzema immediately after the second goal of real Madrid.

52′ And now Ulreich done. He jumped out of the gate in time to get ahead of Benzema. Managed. In the style of your partner Neuer he did it.

51′ And now Alaba took a shot from distance on the right – outside of leg. Ricochet, and Navas was able to extract the ball from the bottom left corner. The corner served the guests, and it is to no avail.

49′ And now Benzema entered the penalty area and fell against the defender! Has been silent.

46′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! How soooo! Real Madrid are coming forward after the incredible error of the goalkeeper! Tolisso came under pressure and Marcelo Asensio. In the end, he decided to quickly pass the ball back to Ulrich. In it… Just decided to jump forward with my foot to dislodge the ball, then, like, slipped, and falling already tried to play hands, but it had not happened. In the end, the ball was picked up in front of the empty goal lone Benzema, who simply shot empty shot. And overtime will be gone. And guests now need to score twice at least.

46′ the Second half started! Replacements not.

– Fire match we are looking. In fact, repeats the story of the first game. Bayern scored first, and did it again Kimmich. Then real equalised. While more chances were again created they are, but they squander them. “Real” is more suited to carefully created. Something is after the break.

45+2′ And Hummels to head the ball after a corner, but by much. All completed in the first half.

45+2′ No! He could score now the Bavarians! But first James will sweep and the ball fell, as if in the hand of Marcelo in the penalty area. The ball came to Lewandowski, who from an acute angle his shot on target. But the defender came to the rescue. Corner

45+1′ one Minute added to first half. It seems that all will leave for the second half, the visitors.

45′ But greetings from Tolisso. Beautifully struck the Frenchman from a distance. But his forehand Topspin was inaccurate. Although Navas he was scared. Leaping desperately for the ball, a goalkeeper.

44′ Oh! Dissatisfaction with the actions of the Play show the players of “Bavaria”. Alaba seems crippled runing from Vazquez on the left flank of the attack of the Bavarians. But the judge did not see it breach. Furious, the Austrian defender.

42′ Muller almost put Tolisso one-on-one. But did not just to the ball Thomas!

39′ well, that’s possible! Ronaldo signature dribbling entered the penalty area from the right and unleashed a left. Ulreich was able to hit the ball to the side. Angular. The filing of a corner, and Ramos headed the ball goalwards – but the outside mesh punched the defender of the “Royal club”.

35′ does Not stop “Bavaria”. Already Muller is barely Alcantara are not dispatched in the penalty area. But failed. “Real” while simple attacks. They easily cope with their attempts.

33′ And now it’s time to talk about the wild luck of real Madrid! Lewandowski received the ball from a partner, entered the penalty area from the left and shot, but Navas got the ball away to the right. There Muller tried to finish with his head but Ramos stepped in. And nobody expected that running and James, which strikes literally from two meters! But managed to miss out the former player of real Madrid. Still was injured. Although, not serious.

32′ And here it is a chance for Bavarians! Ribery went into the box on the left and gave the ball to the right for Muller, he received the ball, turned and shot from 12 metres years. But right there where has fallen Navas. Took the ball into the hands of the Costa Rican.

31′ they Pushed the game from the gate. Maybe Bayern took a break. Even machine needs to rest before the new assault

28′ Oh, and now Marcelo does on the front! Brought it to the left into the penalty area Ronaldo. The Brazilian came on the left and shot. But there is already Ulreich managed to intercept a pass. A corner was not good for Madrid.

26′ Strayed from the next attack the hosts. Marcelo holds the ball, plays across the field.

23′ Now it’s time for Ronaldo to come to the forefront. He struck from outside the penalty area. Failed.

22′ Navas at the last moment now managed to stop punching the head of Lewandowski. Flow was from the right flank, but the goalkeeper managed to clear the ball away for a corner. The filing of a corner, and no one was able to beat defenders “real”.

20′ Own advantage guests. Here ribéry knocked the defenders in front of the penalty “real”.

17′ Lewandowski have fallen in penal “real”! He fought with Ramos, but couldn’t pass him and fell. But referee Cakir from Turkey saw violations.

16′ Benzema led the partner to the gate of the guests. But in an offside position climbed Karim.

12′ But the Bavarians did not think to stop! Lewandowski got the ball in the penalty area, beat the Lizard, escaped from the left corner of the penalty area, but did not beat. Only shot a pole. But the defenders knocked the ball.

11′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! And that’s Benzema to level the scores! Marcelo filed in the box on the left, and Karim ran the right rack, the head sent a ball in gate of Ulrika who wasn’t there. He had not simply.

8′ the Spaniards took the ball under control. But Bayern while playing carefully at his gate.

6′ now they really got down to business. A cross from the right into the penalty Ulrika, and Benzema shot wide of the target from a good position. Just missed the Frenchman.

3′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Already on the third minute Bayern takes the lead! This time from the right wing the ball came into the penalty area of the hosts. Ramos made a mistake, thrashing the ball to the right corner of the goal. But there was Kimmich, who opened the scoring in the first leg. He did the same thing now. He did not leave his chance to Navas. Just shot the gate. Something that reminds. One recent match involving real Madrid and an Italian team…

3′ and now returned to Bayern, Alaba left sweep along the penalty area, but Navas was able there to lay the ball in front of the Muller. Very active while away team on the left flank.

2′ penalty Already in the beginning of the match earned the Bavarians on the left flank of the attack. James served in the penalty area, but Navas is there to jump fists hit the ball into the box.

1′ let’s Go! They started with the midfield.

– Here are the starting lineups:

Real Madrid: Navas, Ramos, Varane, Marcelo, Vazquez, Modric, Kovacic, Kroos, Asensio, Ronaldo, Benzema.

Bayern: Ulreich, Kimmich, Sule, Hummels, Alaba, Tolisso, Thiago Alcantara, Muller, James, Ribery, Lewandowski.

– Hello, dear fans of football! Welcome to the 1/2 final match between real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

In the composition of opponents just before a crucial game in the two losses – both in attack and in defense. They can’t count on right-back Dani Carvajal, and also on attacking midfielder ISCO. The guests will not play injured in the Munich match, the leader of the attack is Arjen Robben and centre-back Jerome Boateng.

The chances of Bayern to the finals, despite the defeat a week ago at home (1:2) really is. Last season these teams were out in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. At home Bayern also lost, but away managed to win with the same score. However, in extra time they still, several times struck the gate of the champion of Germany. However, many then talked about judicial mistakes in favor of real Madrid.

This year they on your field also not similar to the monolith. Remember, though, Juventus, who last stage hardly has not knocked the team of Zidane, defeating her with a score of 3:1 on “Santiago Bernabeu”. If not for a penalty in the closing stages, which allowed Ronaldo to score and bring the “cream” on, now Bayern would play in Turin…

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