Semin: “There is a fifth column, which doesn’t want I worked on”

Correspondent “MK” was closely watched in Krasnodar, Lokomotiv Moscow tried to arrange his fans unforgettable holidays. The victory over the “bulls” would make a champion team, and its fans, which on leaving, by the way, came about five thousand, the happiest people in Russia.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Yuri Semin

…Atmosphere of a big football game day “Krasnodar” – “Loco” was felt everywhere. The surroundings of the stadium was occupied by supporters of Lokomotiv, looking for extra tickets: sometimes it seemed that the game takes place not in the capital of the Kuban and in Moscow. All guest quota was bought for a few hours, and those who cherished kvitochka not got, had to sponsor Krasnodar “speculators”, raising the price three times. At the ticket office of the stadium tickets were gone the day before. Sold out!

But strong support “the locomotive” did not help. In the first half, the teams created an equal number of scoring chances: Anton Miranchuk took a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, the goalkeeper Andrei Sinitsyn failed to cover the ball, but on dobivanie anybody from players “Loko” did not, and ten minutes later Fedor Smolov was examined by the goalkeeper, leaving him alone. Guilherme passed the test, be sure pick up the ball. The zeros on the scoreboard after the first 45 minutes looked natural.

In the second half, the wards of Yurii Semin came done with a different mindset, it was evident that the tail found in the locker room the right words. The guests began to play more confident. Until the middle of the second period we controlled the game, the clouds over the gate “Krasnodar” has thickened

However, to take the bulls by the horns Pavlovich and failed. In fact, Lokomotiv managed to lose the match of the decade, as it has been nicknamed by fans “railroad”, within 2 minutes.

In the middle of the second half, the referee Mikhail Vilkov showed in the period after the optional contact Anton Miranchuk and Sergei Petrov in the penalty “Loco”. What Anton was on the right flank of defense instead played ahead of Maciej Rybus, held his opponent’s shirt, and he did not object and fell.

Fedor Smolov on the ball, the strike and take out! Guilherme nice jump nearly pulled the ball from the upper left corner, but as they say, are not taken. After the meeting, President of “Locomotive” Ilya Herkus was obviously disappointed with his result and said the episode in the penalty area: “to Give such a penalty in each game. Formally, however, the occasion was”.

Krasnodar Colosseum burst into applause, celebrating a goal “Athlete of the Kuban-2017”. And the forward of the “bulls” decided in celebration of a new title not limit yourself, the more defenders “the Locomotive” in him was involved. Not had the bleachers chanted the name of the author of the first goal, like that Smolov ran for another rendezvous with the goalkeeper “Loko”: pejčinović was inaccurate. Guilherme outlet played above any praises, brushing the ball to the striker but the bulls persevered and the second punch sent the ball into the net.

All further approaches of “railway” to the gate “Krasnodar” looked like a gesture of despair, rather than something meaningful. A great number of errors and inaccurate passes did not allow Lokomotiv to create at least one scoring chance.

And the fans of the bulls, staged after goals amazing noise support their team, clearly suppressed the attacking impulse of visitors. “Big thanks to the fans for their support – shared after the game emotions the goalkeeper Andrey Sinitsyn. – Despite the fact that the sector is “Loco” in the beginning of the game was louder, we were able to answer them powerfully. It was important for us is to win, not to prevent “the locomotive” become a champion”.

Coach “Loco” appreciated the stadium in Krasnodar, noting that the game with full stadium gives him great pleasure: “I am Glad to be a part of good football. Because bad nobody would go… – said Yuriy Semin. – Despite the defeat, played well, apart from two highlights with goals. Made optional error, but it is the merit of “Krasnodar” – he played very well. However, the level of football consistent with the expectations of the audience. And the step to the championship we’ll do. No matter what the game, but let’s do it”.

The acting coach of “Krasnodar” Murad Musayev was satisfied with the game, noting that the victory over the Muscovites can help fight for a place in the Champions League: “the First half has passed in equal struggle. Played on a collision course. The second half started very confidently, but then were able to create chances. The game with the League leaders is a holiday. I would be glad if Lokomotiv will be the champion…”

Despite the fact that Muscovites are left to do the last step to the trophy, the atmosphere in the team, apparently, is heating up. First, players “Loko” are closed from communication with the press: after the game in Krasnodar Muscovites at a speed Express left the arena. And then he Semin adds fuel to the fire, commenting on the rumors about negotiations with Ancelotti: “To fake the news calmly. My mood cannot be influenced… intriguing legendary Pavlovich. – We have a fifth column, which doesn’t really want to coach Semin continued to work.”

Why Pavlovich said that? For most age players of “Locomotive”, and their current composition is sufficient, the remaining two games (against Zenit and Arsenal) could be the last opportunity to take a long-awaited title. Everything is very clear that in the team’s simply no. But Semin always knew what to say. It is possible that shovelful sports rage, thrown into the furnace “Steam” it a machinist will help the team to hold on to the coveted station.

…For the championship, “Loko” it is necessary to gain two points in total in two games.

Krasnodar – Moscow

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