Wrestler Vlasov brought Russia’s first gold in FOUR-2018: as it was

1 may Evepy championship-2018 in the struggle, which these days takes place in Kaspiysk was played the first sets of awards. In the end, the Russian team won four medals: one gold, two silver and one bronze. First place in weight category to 77 kg was taken by Roman Vlasov, who became a three-time champion of the Old world and immediately after the final battle said that now it is necessary to add the same title to the two highest awards of the Olympic games and world Championships.

Photo: Gregory Avanian

– The countryman, a pass there?, – appeals to me a security officer even before the stadium. Just passed near.

Those who do not have accreditation, to get to the sports Palace named Ali Aliyev is simply impossible. But if you hesitated and during the camp I forgot my pass in the room, law enforcement officers, checking every Shuttle bus to the arena, carefully offering you a way out: to go out and buy a ticket for 200 rubles.

The issue price is more than affordable, and so it was surprising to see empty seats in the stands. Of course, the audience is satisfied, when the fight – free, but not to offend because of this Greco-Roman brothers. Moreover, in the first day of finals and the opening ceremony of the European championship in 2018.

For this event in the stadium were the Acting Head of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasilyev, the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov, the President of the United world wrestling (UWW), and at the same time a member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Nenad lalovich, and many other personalities from San Sanych Karelin and to Habib Nurmagomedov.

The opening resembled a kind of mini-Olympics. Colorful, with its plot and fairly large scale. But despite the celebration, the main thing, after all, happening outside there, in the warm-up zone, where gathered participants of the finals and consolation bouts, and walked up and down, probably projecting what they will undergo in the coming hours.

#Каспийск2018 pic.twitter.com/2whX2kWEf7

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) may 1, 2018.


Mascot CHE-2018 – eagle, proudly marched through the stands to the hallway, when suddenly was stopped by one of the cleaners, a woman 50-60 years old.

– And can you take a picture?

– Of course!

– Oh… And I forgot the phone…

– Oh, why did you do that? Okay, do not worry. I have six days there will be. Time before you see the!, – calmed the eagle has apocalipsys woman.

This was the last oasis of jokes and a relaxed mood. A couple of meters, dive into a doorway and find yourself in a hall the warm-up, where is the maximum concentration and the familiar smell of any athlete warming cream.

Volunteers and then came into the room, beckoning the next fights. Soon it was the turn Zaur kabaloev who fought for “bronze” in weight category to 63 kg. His rival, the Bulgarian Nikolay Vitchev was literally destroyed by the attitude kabaloev and the meeting ended early – 9:0. The first medal of Russian national team on CHE-2018 was the award for third place.

In the semifinals I lost to score in the last seconds they failed to reach the final. Today we really wanted to win, because the house came a lot of friends and relatives, could not lose and to miss this chance. In the fight for the third place literally emptied the offense for losing in the semi-finals!

How does it feel to be in a two-day format? How did you sleep and did you have to make adjustments to the workout?

– Of course, yesterday I was upset, but slept peacefully. The two-day format – as something unusual, still not used to these rules, but I think next year will get better. As for workout, in the morning to practice a little bit, ran about, and in the evening quietly warmed up, went out and wrestled.

Meanwhile, in the warm-up area appeared Roman Vlasov. Perhaps the main hope of Russia the whole competition day. He began slowly. Were circling around the room, warmed up the ligaments and joints. Then started increasing the tempo a little bit challenged and threw a towel on his head, almost completely hiding under it. The coaching staff went after him and gave the final instructions, laying a hand on his shoulder.

What do you know about the attitude…)
Rum Vlasov’s go for the gold. #Каспийск2018 pic.twitter.com/wCqjOV8XtP

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) may 1, 2018.

Vlasov and the Serb Viktor Nemeth has caused the corridor to exit on the carpet. The second decisive attitude – both asked their mentors to Pat them on the back, hands and feet. And moments later came out to fight.

While I was around the stadium for access to the carpet, Nemes had already cut Vlasov eyebrow and the final was suspended. The doctors immediately shook Roman’s head, but soon has another problem – the Victor got the first score and led with the score 1:0.

Something like that. #Каспийск2018 pic.twitter.com/ihLJl0LcOu

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) may 1, 2018.

Russia – Serbia final! #Каспийск2018 pic.twitter.com/V6H3naPLcZ

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) may 1, 2018.

But under the wild roar of the crowd, personal banners and chanting “Roma-Roma” everything fell into its place. 1:1, stalls and amplitude throw is 5:1. Vlasov calmly brought the fight to victory and uttered a familiar, but no one bothers triumphant cry. Is the first “gold”!

– It was a tough meeting. Viktor Nemes – the reigning world champion. Very daring, but this is a European struggle, where less technical skills and more physics and suppression. Yesterday, after the semi-finals all night watching his fights. Had to endure for 2-3 minutes and then it will be easier. He’s a bit knocked me in the mood at the beginning of the dissection, but I don’t think he did it on purpose. However, I’m sure to win, he was ready for anything. In the end, the main thing was to keep calm and to take the only chance.

This championship was for you important?

– I said to him was very prepared and Yes, it was crucial to win, as at the world championship in the weight category up to 80 kg I lost. So now the happiest emotions. How many would not have won, these feelings never to repeat. The biggest happiness is when you can win and the whole audience applauds you.

– Apparently, you now have one of the best physical forms?

Can’t say the best but good. The third cycle is just beginning and it’s very big plans – the world Cup, the Olympic games-2020. Already today we must begin to act adequately to give reasons to consider it yourself at the Games in Tokyo.

– How you estimate performance for spirit days?

Great. Wrestlers also have the opportunity to relax, gain strength and show a better fight the next day, so it was very comfortable. If we talk about the nerves… We are stable (smiles).

In the hall of the warm-up had already formed a queue.

– You promised us!, – women shouted and broke through to the Vlasov returned for autographs and photos.

Roma even managed to get dressed only a few minutes later. Coming out of the locker room, he never refused.

Volunteers! I advise you yet with the Swede to take a picture. He, too steep, said one of the girls, addressing his colleagues in the queue.

For sure, but definitely not cooler Vlasov, who now says that if he had third gold of the European championship, it’s time to add the title three times and the Olympics with a world championship.

Roman Vlasov won! 5:1! First gold for Russia! #каспийск2018 pic.twitter.com/xac5clj7b0

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) may 1, 2018.

Alas, Bekhan Ozdoyev compatriot to maintain could not, and in the final he lost to the Georgian Roberti, Kobiashvili, bringing Russia to a silver medal (up to 87 kg).

It remained for the heavy artillery – children up to 130 lbs. And in the decisive battle of Vitaly Shchur had a meeting with the representative of Turkey Robe Gyalpo.

Schur began to warm up before even started finals. Kayalp also include at the end. When Vitali had already gone into the corridor and Riza almost followed him, he suddenly remembered something, called out his coach and ran behind the screen. The coach opened the medicine Cabinet, got some ointment and intensely began to RUB her left leg Turk.

… The Russian started off well and earned one point. But to keep this advantage he has failed: Kayalp came forward with the score 2:1 and its no longer missing.

Vitaly, in podtribunnye, wiping with a towel head, said he did not think his performance at the European championship in 2018 the best.

– We are all maximalists. Came for the “gold”…

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