“Experts named the favorite for the 2018 world Cup on hockey

– Team Canada hockey is a favorite starting on Friday in Denmark’s world Cup, experts say.

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Bookmakers estimate the probability of the triumph of canadian players a factor of 2.1.

“Canadians have always been trendsetters hockey, they understand it very well, and quietly doing their job, proving to us that this is a top level team. This tournament is hard to win a clear advantage, it can be in any team, there are a lot of factors. None of the coaching staff will not say that they were confident of victory. From the point of view of alignment, then, Yes, team Canada is one of the favorites of this tournament,” – said to “Interfax” the former forward of “AK Bars”, CSKA and expert “Rating Bookmakers”. Alexey Badjukov.

Experts say the canadian team the main stars of the Connor McDavid from Edmonton. Two years ago he won the world Cup, scoring the winning goal in the final and becoming the youngest hockey player, who won the world Championships at all levels (Junior, youth and adult).

Next comes Russia

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Second place in the list of favorites is the Russian team with a factor of 4.5. The team changed coaches after the triumph at the Olympics-2018. On the world Cup team was lucky Ilya Vorobyov, and the captain of the team was Pavel Datsyuk.

“The chance to win the gold medal is in our team, but do not forget that this year is very strong rivals, many hungry and angry players in other teams. Those who really wants to play and is 100% ready, they arrived. We see that the very short tournament and anything can happen, all the top teams. Five teams exactly there, exactly which claim the Cup,” – said “Interfax” badjukov.

The chances of the reigning world champion, Sweden, the experts evaluated by the coefficient of 4.75. The five main contenders also included Finland (7.0) and USA (12,0).

“Canadians come to the world Cup absolute favorites. Their chances are more than twice the probability of the championship Russians: about 45% for Canada and close to 20% for Russia. In Sweden the chances of winning the tournament are about the same as the Russian team. Not without hope and the Finns, the probability of winning which is slightly less than 15%. Other teams, including US, can hardly be considered serious contenders for the title chances of each of them less than 10%”, – said the expert “Rating Bookmakers,” Alex Tkachuk.

What about the others

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The rest of the teams likelihood of winning the world Cup are in the following order: the Czech Republic (factor of 12.5), Switzerland (33,0), Germany (45,0), Slovakia (50,0), Denmark (60,0), Norway (100,0), Latvia (100,0), Belarus (150,0), France (200,0).

Estimated bookmakers, the outsiders of the tournament — national teams of Austria and South Korea. To put on the Austrians can be a factor of 250.0 m. The likelihood that the world Cup will win the representatives of Asia, the estimated coefficient 999,0.

The world Cup will end may 20.

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