“”The Avengers: infinity War”: much ADO about nothing

In rolling out the blockbuster Marvel in which Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and another half dozen stars are struggling with space tyrant

Still from the film “the Avengers: infinity War”Photo: WDSSPR

In the Russian rolling out the film “the Avengers: infinity War” in which the characters of the Marvel universe unite to fight the evil.

The intergalactic tyrant Thanos (Josh Brolin overlay chin), obsessed with the idea of just genocide as a means of solving the problems with overpopulation and the environment, is going to achieve their vision on a universal scale using the infinity stones. With his plans for the drawdown of the universe twice disagree the Avengers (Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Tom Holland and Scarlett Johansson, now blonde) who on this occasion reconciled and unite with the gods of Asgard (Tom Hiddleston), guardians of the galaxy (Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista), Dr. Stranger (Benedict Cumberbatch), witch (Elizabeth Olsen) cyborgs (Paul Bettany) and other residents of Waganda (Chadwick Bosman), to collectively pounce and defeat the tyrant.

Eventually the bull that goes between DC and Marvel, had to lead to a universal crossover: heroes of all worlds Marvel (and Creator Stan Lee) came together in one film to fight against total evil. Trusted picture of the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo (removed the first and the second “the First avenger”), and obtained from them the film has all the potential drawbacks of such a project: is almost two and a half hours, during which stars of the first magnitude that shone in the solo movies, get two minutes of screen time. Because of this, all the traits and qualities of heroes that make them any excellent, leveled, they izvodjaca to schema: funny Star Lord, Gamora is strong, Doctor strange proud, narcissistic Iron Man, spider-Man infantile, to understand something about the other is simply impossible.

Plans General, to fit more people, there’s no time to explain to the audience whatever it is, time to reveal the comic potential of meeting unfamiliar characters (something obtained only from the Torah with the Guardians of the galaxy): joking, said a couple of sentences, threw an expressive look – and-forth, the battle.

“War infinity” because of this quick change of locations and constant fights – the spectacle is monotonous, similar to the retelling of the story, which begins right out of nowhere. But recent Marvel movies – “Thor: Ragnarok” Secretly, Waititi and both parts of “Guardians of the Galaxy” James Gunn has made us believe that blockbuster is cool, not just boom-boom-boom, but really fun!

And Yes, the film has a very unexpected plot twist, spoiler that there is no need. One thing is interesting, whether it is unconditional – we know this quite soon: with the same Russo brothers rumored to have signed a contract for the sequel “infinity War”.

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