“The performance of Serebrennikov “to Whom in Russia to live well” will be shown at the festival in Germany

Performance by Kirill Serebrennikov, “to Whom in Russia to live well” about the Russian reality show in Germany at the theater festival in Wiesbaden.

“May 3 and 4 in the framework of the International theatre festival in Wiesbaden will take place the performances of Gogol-center “to Whom in Russia to live well”. This large-scale triptych by Kirill Serebrennikov concentrated on the Russian realities that, by and large, do not change from century to century. Therefore, it is difficult to understand in what time the action takes place in the same “Russian world” organic look and the peasant headdresses, and t-shirts with the President, folk songs, and neon signs”, – told reporters the press service of the “Gogol-center” on Thursday.

It noted that each of the three parts of the play tries to answer the classic question in different languages: text, dance, music, “but the answer, ultimately, is different for each viewer.”

International may theatre festival in Wiesbaden will run until 2 June. This year’s performance of “Gogol-center” is the only statement from Russia.

Currently, silver is on house arrest. Defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio” is charged with the theft of 133 million rubles from the budget allocated based Serebrennikov ANO for the project “Platform”.

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