Player Olga Arteshina told about the victories of 2018 in Russia and Europe

Women’s club UMMC Ekaterinburg is a perennial leader of our basketball. In the final series with Dynamo Kursk won the 12th title in Russia, Euroleague is also ours. One of the most experienced players “Foxes”, as they are almost officially called for the color of the form, Olga Arteshina, told about the victories, however was immediately disappointed: she finishes her career.

Photo: press service of the UMMC.

– Olga, the decision is final? In order to have more time for child and family be given?

Including and therefore. But I still feel that with each season of effort necessary to invest in more and more. Yesterday I said goodbye to the whole team and management. Decided. Don’t worry, we have a good new generation.

Congrats on the victory in the championship of Russia. By “3:0” at the end refers to the apparent defeat. But it’s not. After all, the last match was very thrilling.

– All right. The first two we are very confident feel. And here in Kursk I personally wasn’t sure that you will not have to go to the Playground. Kursk played very well. We end up with information: the user was required of them at least one victory. And it was fundamentally. The game is uneven. They were, we seized the advantage is pretty big. In the end, 3 points the gap.

Photo: press service of the UMMC.

– No disappointment that the next “coronation” happened not at home in front of their fans?

– I got a feeling. Something I can’t remember when that last was. House in Yekaterinburg. But the priority was to reduce the series to a minimum.

Olya, it is believed that the championship of Russia in the power and potential ready and Euroleague bet!

– Individual matches are quite at the level of the Euroleague. And about 5-6 teams meet the highest European requirements. I wish all our clubs, the Premier League has grown to this level. And in Europe. Sometimes in Europe fly — and I do not know what will fly back. And we have in the country? I call UMMC, Kursk, Orenburg, Krasnoyarsk… And, probably, Kazan is very good. Judging by the match with us. They can fight the urge, the drive.

Photo: press service of the UMMC.

– Honestly, is there a place in UMMC Russian players?

– Yes, although at UMMC and a lot of foreign women. But it’s a foreign world level. You can learn from. The final series, of course, showed that our girls little. But the bench we have. There are many Russian girls. Prove that have earned a place on the site in competition!

– How did you survive the change of coach in the middle of the season?

– The “fitting” went just fine. Very harmonious. Miguel Mendez said from the doorway: to break the system and make large adjustments in the tactical plan is not going to. The internal “chemistry” of the team he didn’t. And external changes were minimal. And it was so seamlessly, so in 3 weeks all understand each other perfectly. But it is still important that our management has built a beautiful system. Iskandar Makhmudov, Andrey Kozitsyn, Igor Kudryashkin. I understand that they have a sincere desire to help women’s basketball. At European level we have proved everything. In the world it will make the competition. It professionalism: from management of the process of the game itself, from ticket sales to the show! We have tickets and it is written: “the Best show of Europe.” I would not even “the world” has transported. And our fans go at it all together. And outside of the area where we work.

– What for you the most intense match in the season?

– The season was difficult. Probably the away game against Turkish “Fenerbahce” much predetermined. We had to win and to take revenge. Without Diana Taurasi. Unsuccessful ending, although everything was in our hands. And then Olaf Lange resigned. But the losses which were occurred in the middle of the season and did not affect the final result. In basketball it is very important.

Photo: press service of the UMMC.

– Back to the beginning of the conversation. You see the shift? And what do you wish the Russian team?

– Professionalism and ambition. Especially after the medal of calm for so many years. Desired emotions, anger on the court battle for the honor of the country. The inscription “Russia” on the shirt is not just a word. We girls expect emotional game and to be the winners!

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