“Pobuzit” football Player “the Locomotive” has broken the fans for the shooting of hookah Smoking

A fan of the Moscow football club “Spartak” Andrey Izmailov said that he was beaten by a player of team Russia and Moscow “Locomotive”, the ex-husband of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov. The clash took place in a bar where a fan allegedly caught colleagues of the athlete Smoking a hookah and decided to capture it.

photo: social networks

Izmailov said that the fight occurred in the bar, which at the time was showing match of the Champions League semifinals real Madrid — Bayern, according to “Sport-Express”.

The fan seemed outrageous behavior of players “the Locomotive” Anton and Alexey Miranchuk who smoked a hookah. Izmailov took a photo and posted it on social media.

After about 40-60 minutes the fan came Tarasov and allegedly punched him. “Beaten by the fist — hand, but very strong. I even have the glasses came off,” complained a fan. After that, according to him, Tarasov was joined by several people, one of which he also got hit.

It is noted that Tarasov fight fact denied. “Maybe this person did something wrong. I wasn’t there. This was not. Anyone wants some sort of provocation, perhaps, to make,” he said.

Note that on the eve of the incident, “the locomotive” has conceded “to Krasnodar” with the account 0:2, thereby losing the possibility to win in the championship of Russia.

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