Russia – France: the online broadcast of the ice hockey world championship

4 may in Denmark, the start of the 2018 world Cup in ice hockey. And already on the first day on the ice will leave the Russian national team, which will meet with the national team of France. We’ll never get past this event and start direct an online stream at 17:15 Moscow time.


The 2018 world Cup of hockey will come quite a lot of world stars. Teams from Canada, USA and Sweden have a very strong line-UPS, but of course the main thing for us is the performance of the national team of Russia.

The Russians came to Denmark as Olympic Champions, albeit in a changed composition. Plus there have been changes to the coaching staff: instead of Oleg Znarka team is now managed by Ilya Vorobiev. However, all have the right to expect from the Russian team of beautiful and high quality hockey. And the match against France is a great time to start a run in the tournament.

It is already known that the gates of Russians will defend Vasily Koshechkin, and combinations of links will be finally known only to the beginning of the match.

What will end this match? Russia starts with victory in the 2018 world Cup? The answers to these and many other questions we will know very soon! “MK” will begin live online broadcast of the meeting at 17:15 Moscow time!

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