The Cycling race “Giro d’italia” was launched in Israel

On Friday, may 4, in Jerusalem started the legendary Cycling race “Giro d’italia”. For more than a century out of the Apennines “Corsa Rosa” started 12 times, but the start outside of Europe, the race did not take ever. Over the past nine years, “pink madness” as much as five times debuted in Italy that could be called a current trend in road Cycling. And all for the sake of promoting the discipline.

Participation in the race will be attended by 22 teams (18 of them World tour), including the German Team Sunweb, whose colors protects the defending winner of the race, the 27-year-old Tom Dumolin, who became last year the first Dutchman, who won the Giro.

Equally with all the “pink madness” starts and two Russians — Maxim Belkov and Vyacheslav Kuznetsov. Both at present are of big speakers under the Swiss flag “stable” Katusha-Alpecin, whose many years of cartridge is Russian businessman Igor Makarov. Despite the fact that some exploits in the overall standings from the break and Smith is not worth waiting, both doing a large amount of team work, to overestimate which is quite difficult.

The first three of the championship will be held in Israel. Then after a rest day the participants will move to Sicily, where they will be held for another three stages. In the future, “Corsa Rosa” will move to the continental part of Italy and will move from the southern regions to the North, to the Alps. After the final mountain stage of the planned flight to Rome, where, on 27 may, with a final stage the first season of the Grand tour.

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