Unexpected details of the death of the writer, showman Sakina: left Myshkin and froze

New details the discovery of the corpse of the writer Sergei Sakina became known to “MK”. Journalist, showman, participant of the TV program “Last hero” went missing in November last year near the town of Myshkin, Yaroslavl region.

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Confirmed the version that Sakin was lost on the way to Moscow. He managed to cross by ferry from Myshkin on the other Bank of the Volga (this is the main way out of town). However, neither on the bus or a ride, Sergei sat down. His body was found in a forest outside the village of Korovino, located in front of Myshkin, across the Volga.

The body was discovered by police during a routine combing of the area after the disappearance of the snow cover. The body was lying not far from the pier. The long search due to the fact that the man almost immediately covered with snow, and in this position the corpse remained until spring. Personal belongings of Sergey remained intact.

The preliminary cause of death of Sakina — death from hypothermia, possibly in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Recall that it long time was treated for alcohol dependence.

As told “MK” a friend Sakina Tatiana, who died in Mishkin was visiting his friend who helped with the housework.

— Sergey often traveled to Moscow to my family, parents and children. So on 24 November he went again, and eventually his body was found not far from Myshkin now that the snow has melted. Our friend went on an identification, confirmed that it is. Marks of violence on the body is not – most likely, he died from cardiac arrest, can be frozen in the cold. Although no chronic diseases Sergei was not like, it’s hard to say what killed him. Will be an autopsy examination, – told the woman.

According to Tatyana, most likely Sergey was going to leave Myshkin hitchhiking is the most convenient way to get to Yaroslavl, because the Shuttle runs poorly and irregularly, not always they can squeeze.

Sakin went missing in late November, and till today no information was – even though the search was engaged in law enforcement, and search group “Liza Alert”. Volunteers in conversation with the correspondent “MK” confirmed that in November worked extensively in the area of Myshkin, but the success of the search was not successful, so the matter left. “Some days you are active, then if there is no progress, go to the information support”, – explained the representatives of “Lisa Alert”. About the discovery of the body of Sergei Sakin, they were not known.

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