In Saransk in the match of PFL was more than 22 thousand spectators

On Friday, may 4, a monumental event happened. Official statistics are not found, but in my memory the first match of the third (!) the level of the Russian division (football) visited more than 22 thousand people!

photo: Alexey Lebedev

It happened in Saransk — the game of the Professional football League (PFL) between “Mordovia” and KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny. Leading in their zone “Ural-Volga” and claiming the release in the national football League (national Football League) colorful club from the Mordovian capital, but still failed not only to win, but to score at the new arena, at least the ball. In the first so-called test match before the world Cup 2018 earlier “locomotive” broke the world with the Izhevsk “Zenith” (0:0). (Then it’s about 10 thousand spectators). Now — altogether lost (0:1).

— Think of all the anxiety? — says Renat Sabitov, the person to worry in vain ought not: after all, played for Moscow “Spartak” on the various stadiums in the world. — No, I don’t think so. On the contrary — such a beautiful stadium, but still nearly full, should drive us forward. But something that, alas, does not work…

Stadium in Saransk was really — Oh-Oh-Oh it’s beautiful. The color of the Sun (Erzya and Moksha, two sub-ethnic groups, which decided to merge, using the term “Mordva”, to the sun always treated with special reverence). Most convenient for the spectators, the field is almost perfectly close to the stands. Overview — beautiful even with long tiers!

photo: Alexey Lebedev

By the way, the upper part of the second tier, according to the recognition of the Deputy Chairman of the Mordovian government, Alexei Merkushkin, probably after the 2018 world Cup is dismantled. “Everything must be well calculated, said my colleagues and Merkushin, but such a big stadium, quite possibly, Saransk and is not necessary, enough the 30-thousand stadium. And the vacant spaces can accommodate halls for different sports, for example.”

Someone could probably say that 30 is too much for a 300-thousand city. The leadership of the Republic and the city of Saransk categorically with you it do not agree: “we, when I played in the Premier League, 10 thousand seats is not enough, if “Spartak” has arrived, for example. The more people come here from all the neighboring regions — from Penza, let’s say… 30 thousand on top games sure can get!”

…Well, I want to believe works for me. Moreover, then there is no reason to say that Saransk has got the 2018 world Cup not on merit (and not just because of the fact that the city is surprisingly neat, not once recognized as the cleanest in Russia).

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