“The locomotive” has won “Zenith” became the champion of Russia on football

Moscow “locomotive” does not draw its title. Many fans of railwaymen expect it will finally happen on Saturday, in a game against Zenit St. Petersburg. However, as they themselves are not going to give up easily. They have their own tasks – the struggle for a place in the Champions League.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

– “The locomotive” confidently moving towards this success. After 14 years the team won the Premier League! And again when Yuri Semin! Now the team is waiting for “Champagne” and a well-deserved rest. Though there is another meeting in Tula. Well and “Zenith” now seriously risks to remain without the Champions League. Team Mancini is on the fifth place in the table with 50 points. CSKA in fourth place with 52 points, “Krasnodar” and “Spartak” divide third and second place with 53 points. However, the red-and-white will now play with the “Rostov”, who can win. In the final round all four contenders for the Champions League hold matches at home.

90+3′ All! Lokomotiv is the champion of Russia!

90+3′ Another unsuccessful attempt of the attack “Zenith”.

90+2′ Replacement at “Loko” is another. Left Anton Miranchuk. Went Barinov.

90+2′ Eder on the wave of success rushed forward, but failed to grab the ball and the goal.

90+1′ Three minutes added to the match.

90′ Zenit attacks. But may not be able to do anything.

87′ ГОООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООЛ!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A cross from farfán, and the Portuguese, who scored the Golden goal for his team in the European championship in 2016, has done something similar and now.

85′ Oh, what Kurenai goal could do “the locomotive” the champion! He received the ball on the right corner of his penalty area and tried to pass the ball Lodygin. But did it stronger than necessary. And – more to the left. In the end, almost rolled the ball into the bottom left corner of gate “Zenith”. But at the last moment, Yuri managed to tackle the feet (and hands can not play) to knock the ball into the box. Wow.

84′ Driussi filed in the box on the right, but there’s Tarasov was a good tackle.

82′ Paredes struck from afar, from 40 meters out. But Guilherme on the spot – managed to pick up the ball in his hands.

81′ Mancini plays in attack. Out Dmitry Poloz is Igor Smolnikov.

80′ Here and replace in the attack at “Loko”. Out Eder is Anton Miranchuk.

77′ now Smolnikova sent to the gate on the right into the penalty area Zenit. There but Guilherme managed to pick up the ball.

75′ And here now, as they carried out the attack! Kuziaev entered the penalty area from the left and fell against the defender. The referee requires to continue. So, there is no penalty.

74′ now Alexey miranchuk struck from the penalty after drawing the ball. Again Lodygin in place.

72′ Still the right pass in the penalty of “Zenith”. Knocked the ball the defenders of the guests.

68′ Left Zhirkov from the field from Mancini. Left the young Pletnev.

65′ Well, what is it? Farfan went one on one, beat the goalkeeper and scored into an empty net. But all this happened after the whistle – offside was Jefferson. But why the referee whistled so late that knocked everyone off? With the stands already festive ribbons flew. They already started celebrating…

64′ Now you can see that the “Loco” stronger-it will be “Zenith”. Increasingly threatened by the gate Lodygina players Semin.

63′ another shot from Aleksey Miranchuk. Now, it seems, came from “Loko”. And this time under the crossbar the ball flew, but there Lodygin managed to translate it into the corner.

62′ Here and Kranewitter received a “yellow card” from “Zenith”. He will miss the next match against SKA.

60′ Alexey miranchuk again burst into the penalty area from the right and gave the ball to the 11-meter mark. There his brother Anton caught the ball, but just couldn’t handle, and the defenders knocked the sphere from under his feet.

59′ something completely from scratch plays “the locomotive”. Even to play the ball from a corner could not really.

58′ Alexey miranchuk passed on the right flank to the penalty area and tried to shoot, but there Zhirkov with a sliding tackle cleared the ball for a corner.

56′ Played the free kick masters. But again, all ended by injury Tarasov. He fell in the fight against criscito in the penalty area.

54′ Farfan struggled with criscito on the left flank of the attack. Immediately kuziaev was hit by Tarasov in the center of the field.

52′ Paredes takes the corner. Davidi filed. But both times the ball in the goal But was not.

51′ danger at the gates Guilherme! Kuziaev took the ball on his chest, moved forward and struck at goal. The ball from the feet of the defender and went out for a corner.

49′ Continues what we saw in the first half of the match.

48′ But Guilherme brushed the ball with the head Zenit after the filing of Paredes. Counter-attack, and Farfan ran in the penalty area, but fell in the fight with Zhirkov. There was not a penalty.

47′ free-Kick earned the guests

46′ the Second half began. Pejčinović came on for Corluka. Not satisfied with the actions of the Croat Yuri Pavlovich.

– Well, what can I say? Lokomotiv is fearing for his position. This mood can play havoc with the railroad. They do not create dangerous moments while at the gate Lodygina. But as the St. Petersburg group. “Zenith” also need to score. But Petersburgers can not yet anything to surprise your opponent. But I think in the second half will be something really interesting.

45+2′ All. Rest.

45+1′ one Minute added, and guests failed in that the filing of a corner.

45′ Although the visitors earned a corner.

44′ Semin on the sidelines. Going through coach “Loko”. While he doesn’t reason for concern.

43′ Another attempt to submit Zhirkov in the penalty area. Guilherme again.

41′ Oh-Oh. Zabolotny was injured, it seems. beat him Kverkvelia.

40′ Driussi shot from the penalty line. Much above the gate.

39′ “Loco” while he attacks. But somehow reluctantly. Fear wards Semin rather miss than to score.

36′ Another attempt from Zhirkov. He gave him the box, but there is already Guilherme took the ball in his hands. “Zenith” also need to score. “Krasnodar”, for example, your match is already won today the SKA – 1:0. Now Zenit in fifth place. It’s not the Champions League, even in England.

34′ But the attack Petrograd on the left. Gerrard gave the penalty, but there Tarasov knocked the ball into the box.

33′ Driussi derive one-on-one with the goalkeeper of “Locomotive”. Or rather could lead, but Guilherme was first on the ball.

32′ Swears, Kranewitter with Igor Denisov. Again he has violated the rules of the opponent.

30′ Another free-kick close to possessions Lodygina. But Fernandes something really bad today takes the standards. And now his pass fell into the hands of Lodygin.

27′ Farfan on the lawn. Knocked his defender. The judge did not stop my attention at this moment.

25′ and here Ignatiev “yellow card” is displayed. In Tula it will not go. Went through yellow Vladislav.

24′ Foul in attack at “Zenith”. Driussi foul on the opponent. There is already a yellow shown by referee.

22′ Here Alexey miranchuk already shot from a distance. But Lodygin in place.

20′ From Tarasov’s cut. In the fight against Zabolotny’s what he got. But everything seems to be fine with the halfback “Loko”.

15′ a lot of struggle on the field. And “Loko” again has the ball more often. “Zenith” in attack almost never comes out.

13′ Another free kick earned the hosts. Fernandes filed, but again failed.

11′ But how awfully hung on the gate Fernandes. Straight into the goalkeeper’s hands.

10′ Lokomotiv earned a free-kick. Dangerous.

8′ Yes, there is little that could “Loco” in his field. Pitertsy in the attack.

5′ But it took “Zenith”. Here Zabolotny dropped the ball Erokhin. He struck, but very inaccurate.

3′ Good start from the hosts. ‘ve been on the visitors ‘ goal Muscovites. I want STI to solve everything at the beginning of the match.

1′ let’s Go!

– Here are the starting lineups.

Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Kverkvelia, Corluka, Ignatiev, Rybus, Igor Denisov, Tarasov, Anton Miranchuk Alexey Miranchuk, Fernandes, Farfan.

Zenit: Lodygin, Smolnikov, Criscito, Mevla, Zhirkov, Kuziaev, Kranewitter, Paredes, Erokhin, Zabolotny, Driussi.

– Hello, dear fans of football! Welcome to match of the championship of Russia between Moscow “the Locomotive” and “Zenith” from St.-Petersburg!

“Loco” symptoms. The team of Yuri Semin, who just signed a new contract can’t score for three matches. But now the “red-green” we need to score, come what may. Coming on the heels of “Spartak” and CSKA. In the case of their victories and defeat “Loko” it’s close already close. And in the final round at team Semin – uncompromising Tula Arsenal in his field.

“Zenith” has lost chances to win first place. However, getting into the Champions League is the main goal for the team Mancini. I wonder who today will do their job and who will be left with nothing

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