“What are you afraid of?”: Khabensky emotionally stood up for moviegoers with popcorn

Actor Konstantin Khabensky unexpectedly expressive responded to the question of the St. Petersburg journalist, in which he felt the arrogance. It was at the end of April at the press-conference, devoted to directorial debut Knightley — premiere of the war drama “Sobibor”, and to date, to feed the media got a hint of “scandal”. The episode was caught on video, which has already been seen by over half a million people.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The reporter praised the film Knightley, noting that this film about the uprising in a Nazi death camp in 1943-the year of “scary looking” – so the film “naked”. She added that the hall premiere looked prepared audience.

“And that will come when other audience, with popcorn, and coke? Whether to have the film reach? I want them to come!” she said to Habenskogo.

“What are you worried about? What you don’t understand what kind of people live near you? – The actor got up, took the microphone and began to walk across the stage. You think that stupid people live near you?”

The journalist admitted that he does not think so. But Knightley in connection with the sounded question was very interested, what sort of people live around her. He even said several times that care representative media.

The Director of “Sobibor” for its part, explained that he was vitally interested in this question because he wants to know who will come in his film. “I care that they are not crunched popcorn!” standing on his position, the woman.

In response, the actor asked whether the journalist with the sale of popcorn, and even cursed. The author of the question asked him to tone it down.

“Why do you think that you are more empathetic than the generation before you, which came after you? Why do you think so?” – outraged the actor. The actor admitted that may not be right, but gave to understand that it is very important topic of the influence of cinema on younger generation. According to Khabensky, the film need to “comb on extremely simple things” to raise a generation that will then take care of the elders.

“We are all one, we love Hollywood, we love a hell of a thing,” complained the actor, again suggesting more thinking about the education of their children.

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