Basketball: student final became decoration of tournament

In the Moscow sports complex “Game” was the super final of the League Belova — the culmination of a season of student basketball Association. The guys gave the audience an unforgettable Thriller: after all, as many as 66 games continued the winning streak sports University from Malakhovka! But the MSU team still picked up the keys to the defensive structures, the now ex-Champions. And the girls out of the competition – “Black bears” from the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, where he played a player in the Premier League Natalie Bucur. The team from Vladivostok was defeated — 75:37. The citizens of St. Petersburg for 3 years scored a full set of medals ASB.

Men’s final especially remembered the final quarter, when lagged to account Podmoskovnie students-basketball players C’mon, Andrew Vakulchuk scored 6 straight points and reduced the gap to the minimum. But then intervened in the case, the player-opening the season Arseniy Petrov. It is largely thanks to his efforts Moscow has made an incredible margin of 18 unanswered points. And victory eventually kept — 79:66.

Of course, the organizers of the festival remembered the main historic date this year. 30 years ago, in 1988, at the Olympics in Seoul, it was a victory of our national team in men’s basketball tournament — then in the final they beat Yugoslavia. This event, as well as, of course, the great victory of the Munich in 1972 was devoted to the movie, which were executed in black and white format that is like nothing else awakens the fans sense of nostalgia and, of course, pride. Like in the recent final of the school League, come watch the students legends: Ivan Edeshko, Alzhan Zharmukhamedov, Svetlana Antipova, Evgeny Gomelsky, who led the women to victory in Barcelona in 1992. It is necessary to pay attention to the interest in the competition manual United League Sergey Kushchenko and Ilona Korstin, as well as many years the curator of the Russian basketball, a well-known politician Sergei Ivanov. According to him, the student of basketball, there has long been added in the last few years:

About 800 teams from 69 regions of the country, this is the biggest competition. Our plans do not change, which must be people with valid student cards, so they have a choice: to sign a professional contract with the club, or at the end of the study to get relevant work…

– Our long program will borrow the name thundered in the winter this film about basketball, – in turn, told reporters on the final round of the final press conference, the head of the Supervisory Board of SBA, Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov. – We have contributed to the success of the film that, if you look carefully in the credits for the movie mentioned. We will help children to students to professional skills, become stronger and healthier. It is possible to create the head center student basketball in the region where it is most developed and popular.

– When talking about College basketball, can not help Recalling about the United States, where the scheme is working since the birth of the sport. What are the main problems facing the organization?

– A lot of unresolved issues, including infrastructure issues in many regions of Russia. We need to develop relationships with educational institutions, many of which are interested in developing their basketball and sports in General, and invest their money.

Last year we went on a risky step, sending to the Universiade Taipei men’s team consisting of students-lovers, although we have professionals who do receive higher education, and their participation is not forbidden. Yes, 17-th place men’s team is not very good result, but we do not intend to abandon this scheme. And victory sooner or later must come. Yes, already, our students became the fourth!

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