Care Evgenia Medvedeva from Tutberidze Sagitova put in a difficult situation

On Monday morning (after two days of boiling news of resignation Evgenia Medvedeva from coach Eteri Tutberidze presumably to canadian Brian Orser) is not expressed, only two – myself, Jack and Brian Orser. Medvedev only posted the video with another workout where the gym — she’s alone.

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Good workers ice Brian Orser. Even because he is today the coach of the double Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu and two-time world champion Javier Fernandez and yuna Kim also won the 2010 Games under his leadership. Hands in the world are untied. With the federations that Orser is preparing for the Champions, it is supported by contractual obligations. Well, Yes, the competition from performance to performance, changing jackets of the national teams. And reputation is such that the talents all over the world go to him for success.

Hard ice Eteri Tutberidze and also synonyms. The only working trainer on one country. While at one. And that we have created its group of talented skaters, which look out across regions and to bring training to Moscow at the highest level. The system is working. Gold (one of the two all of our team at the Olympics in Pyeongchang) and silver in women’s figure skating – the fruit of it.

Like any system, there are side effect. Leader Medvedev (just not brought and nurtured seven years) not managed to escape, adding to the collection of awards the most important one – the Olympic gold. Young Alina Sagitova won bandmate. Here and now is a sport.

“They have a bad relationship?”, – overseas colleague on the podium in Pyeongchang asked the time when he was declared the Olympic champion. I shrugged: “no, the usual”. And without question, and no answer was clear: not bad and not good, and difficult. Competition – it’s gorgeous, is vital. But such, and even one coach is already somehow too. Although outwardly, the difficulties are not manifested. Experienced and older Jack helped Alina to the public to answer questions, something smoothed, somewhere helped even by the fact that she talked a lot. To the question about the fairness of life in relation to established for yourself the silver situation, said, “so it should be”.

Words are what we say. Also – the here and now. To the question, did Jack about that in the beginning of the season she had a program for the technical component above, and “if, then…”, the skater said calmly: “take the Risk? In my head all sorts of thoughts that I never voiced. We have in mind the huge world that is constantly changing. But I thought – what I want from the Olympics? To complete it without regret. I got it. I did everything”.

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Today the coach Tutberidze we learned which words Eugene said there in Pyeongchang. “Coming directly from the Olympic ice there was absolutely children’s this phrase: “you couldn’t keep Sagitova another year in juniors?”. I said, “Jack, are you? We are obliged to give all equal chances. We have no right to keep a man”.

This question Genis is absolutely not worthy of condemnation. Clear 100 percent. Medvedev is not a robot, but Olympic gold was in her program. Crashing all crumpled up. The “correct” response was for journalists. Inside confusion.

And then – infinite pressuhi, “on three.” All re-played and smiled by the rules. Then – rumor of resignation. A stray of some kind. Quite sincere indignation Medvedeva: “do Not invent what is not. Get busy! Leave me and my coach. We continue to work!”.

And then – silence for the coach Tutberidze. 16 April, she wrote Medvedeva SMS: “Jack, hi. You should come and take a plan and complete it. And very quickly”. No response. 24 APR Tutberidze wrote again: “Hello. It is strange that my messages I get no response. This, at least, unpleasant. Come to the rink, you need to talk.” Zero words in response.

We do not need them so fiercely loving, immensely talented, unique and striving for goals. It is not necessary for them to decide. After all, when asked to leave alone – probably not evil, otherwise he would understand that they will have to answer for these words too. And, who knows, not those gushing in response to the arguments about why she should get away from Tutberidze, eventually contributed to the current ugly situation? In a vacuum the athletes live. There are people who even read between the lines. Which also makes the conclusions. And choice.

Officially care Medvedeva has not yet been confirmed. But this is not so important. Trained and acting under the guidance of coach “aortic rupture”, it is the aorta in a body is already ripped. To shreds.

Will survive both. Without us, snotty. Each will continue on his way. Known for coaching the global level Tutberidze. Absolutely not known and not predictable for the stars of world figure skating Medvedeva. You can survive only for Alina Sagitova, which again unwittingly finds himself at the center of proceedings. She will again have to fight with rivals with him, confirming the title of the Olympic champion, perhaps, but “alien” Zhenya Medvedeva, confirming the leadership of the school Tutberidze…

Aline Sagitova will have this year is significantly harder than in the debut Olympic. Don’t smother her responsibility. Not to drive commitments. Not any to the devastation.

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