Famous tennis player Bychkova commented on the victory Sharapova in Madrid

While the vast majority of sports fans in our country are caught up in heated battles in football and hockey, last season and in world tennis. There our also play a role, especially in the women’s category. Occur here and rapid change. Maria Sharapova for the first time since January, he won the elite tournament, won the first round of the tournament in Madrid Romanian Mihaela Buzarnescu, entered the top 50 of the strongest tennis players by the WTA and tear on. But in the title race WTA Sharapova titled ahead of 22-year-old compatriot Irina Khromacheva (she became the winner of the tournament in the Chinese Anying). And another famous Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova has decided to replace the coach interrupted a long-term collaboration with Carlos Martinez and moved to the Guillermo Cañas.

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On current events in the world of women’s tennis we interviewed multiple winner of tournaments of the ITF Ekaterina Bychkova.

— Let’s start with the victory of Maria Sharapova in Madrid. What is the significance of this result?

Maria had not managed to win a single match. What would an athlete nor was eminent if it is an unfavorable stage where not even the sum of the passage of the first circles, each meeting. One victory could be followed by others. It’s hard when you lose and lose, and still waiting on your great achievements and return to the pedestal. Each circle for Masha now more complicated than in the days when she was on a different level. Not to say that it is easier to play with some competitors. She needs to try again to win victory after victory. Maybe it will give her confidence, and return that Maria Sharapova, expectations.

— Such a return possible?

If this probability was not, she would not try to participate in tournaments. I think she has the desire to continue playing tennis despite the setbacks and all that talk about it. Same thing happened to Rafael Nadal. He could not go back to the first line, and many said that Nadal is not the same.

But Sharapova the recovery period was somewhat delayed.

Is always individual. Affects the age of the athlete. Unable to return immediately to the same level, when you are no longer twenty years.

— Current result allowed Mary to take the 52-th place in the WTA rankings. As far as the position in the table is important for athletes? Do this yourself tennis players?

— This is connected with a certain status. Of course, it is better to be in the top ten. From the failures of the organizers and the audience begin to relate differently. Always everything is important and the result that you give, and the place in the ranking — everything is interconnected. We each tournament we play and understand where the “burn” and what to do to climb up. Maria is just trying to get back up to your level. Now she’s not seeded, not in the top ten, and play nicer with those higher up. This is the basic thing in sports.

— Can Sharapova to compete with young athletes? In the title race ahead of her, including 22-year-old Irina Khromacheva.

Taking into account their own experience and baggage, of course. Is not, but it’s a mental thing. I think she’ll get over it. Maria is primarily focused not on the contestants and on herself. It has always been evident in all of her interviews on behavior. Sharapova is a true professional.

— About the “reset” career thinking not only Sharapova. Svetlana Kuznetsova, for example, changed the coach. What is the meaning of these changes for experienced athletes?

Apparently, she decided to try something new. With Martinez Svetlana has worked for many years, they have developed a whole history of relations. As far as I know, the decision to move to another specialist was mutual. There are many nuances. There is not a lot of time. Why not try, if possible? Still want to show the result, to return to previous advances. The important thing is that there are forces and desire of the top 50 re-enter the top 10. Light is also trying to return after injury: the three months spent with the arm, not particularly able to do anything.

Chances to see on top and Kuznetsova, and Sharapova is still there. And the Williams sisters will be back.

But they still stand out in modern tennis history.

— It’s true. Each winner of “Grand slam” stands out from the crowd. Serena has a lot of victories, it looks more powerful opponents. But the desire to show the result is there and she, like any athlete.

— Still, back to Russian tennis. Do you think that in the short term, we will entertain a familiar face or there will be more young players?

— If to speak about the ten years, of course, there will be new names. Next season our girls too, will catch up, both young and experienced, but I’m not sure that will show something outstanding now.

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