Football: we solved the secret of the success of gold “Locomotive”

This time the format of the traditional rubric will be slightly different than usual. Because in center field today, one person – Yury Semin. On Saturday its “locomotive” again became the champion.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Remember how it all began. 1986-th year. A young trainer comes Semin in “the locomotive” in the first Federal League for the next season puts him in the highest. At that time club “railroad” otherwise known as the fifth wheel in the cart of the Moscow football not called. And then hardly anyone could imagine that their romance is here to stay. Yes, such a violent, rapid, dizzying, serious separation and joyful reunion. But Yury Pavlovich has never been a conflict with his team or (as he likes to say) with football. Otherwise they would not have visited 6 times in the prize-winners may not have won the Cup four times while walking to his first title. Then followed the second and now, 14 years later, the third. A year ago, was also the fifth Cup of Russia. During this short period of time again won both the national trophy, and Europe passed so far, it does not develop the same 14 years. And trainer then, of course, also was it.

In my eyes, Semin beat Bayern in Munich, and then suffered from her crushing home defeat. But never lost the power of the spirit, so was confident of a victory over real Madrid, inter and other great football of the world. As a very young journalist, was just amazed at his ability to keep control of any situation. In football it is never been in the details, he always enthusiastically taught it to others and, most importantly, did not hesitate to learn. From outlandish in the 90 foreign fellowships came back full of new ideas, although themselves not without pride, added to the Soviet school of coaching art. Somehow, after returning from Italy, told me: “Yes, there is a great opportunity to improve, to see new ways of development. But Sacchi and Capello recognize that the basics of the current football studied the treatises of our great theorists. So do not underestimate yourself and overestimate them.”

photo: Evgeny Semenov

In General, self-esteem – one of the main traits of this person. Therefore, they could not get along with the leaders of the new wave who considered themselves to be effective managers, confusing football with banks, construction sites and factories. He is not ready to work with the Amateurs, because he was always a professional with a capital letter. And “gold” a match with “Zenith” became the coaching victory. No hint is quite possible jitters, no chance from an opponent, constant concretising with the maximum use of the strengths of his players. This is brand Seminsky football. Not total control of the ball in the style of Barcelona’s “Tiki-Taka”, the Bavarian is not vertical, and some sort of symbiosis, too, with nothing to confuse.

So I find it funny to listen when talking about Semin as coach-the motivator behind any new football trends. Believe me, he is always up with the times and never lose sight of nuances. Its simplicity is absolutely apparent when we are talking about the basics of the game. But absolutely sincere to people. Emotional, responsive, very natural, Yuri Pavlovich respected by fans of all teams from small to large. And such in Russian football are no more. I’m sure no coach enjoys so full stadium, because all of these fans “Loko” has grown and filled the podium at his eyes. When it “the locomotive” has always been a family, so he returned once again unite the true patriots of the club: Loskov, pashinina, Hovhannisyan, Baturenko, Khapova again brought to the team her luminaries Mashkov and Korotkova. And it went!

Semin managed to combine seemed incompatible. Says a lot about his conflict with the President of the club, but few people know that this season, the team did not receive awards. It could also be a blow to the coach. But I didn’t. Because as is the case with this trainer, she couldn’t.

25 years – in “Loko”. 22 – tie. From domestic experts only legendary Ivanov coached the “torpedo” a little more. Even the great Lobanovsky did not give Kiev so many years of my coaching life. And the world come to mind two English example: Alex Ferguson, for the health which we are witnessing today has led Manchester United for 26 years, Arsene Wenger, who recently solemnly carried out, directed at Arsenal for 22 years. The hero of our story to health (knock on wood) not complaining, and at 22, thankfully, will not stop. But today we still do not about records, but about the scale of the individual in the history of one team. Say “the locomotive” – mean Semin! At all times…

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