In Shatura the beginning of the new season the team Celtic

Few people know that somewhere in Moscow there is the eponymous Scottish football team Celtic. Shatura local resident, a childhood fan of the club from Glasgow, at his own expense not only created a personal club, but achieved popularity and respect from players in Scotland. Denis Makalah told about the history of the project, the popularity and upcoming plans for the season.


– When and how formed Shatura “Celtic”? and why under that name?

– I since the childhood was fond of Scottish football and Celtic in particular, I try to travel and follow the team around the world, as far as I was possible. “Celtic” is not just a football club, but a state of mind and my Outlook. The history says that the club was founded to raise funds to conduct free Lunches for poor and homeless people to build shelters, and orphanages. And then the Husband and I and a few guys decided to create a club with the same idea – to do social work and exist for the sake of the people of Moscow. FC were created by us in 2015. Two years we played in the district championship 2016 moved into the championship of Russia.

Club mentioned on different football sites, the Newspapers. And the BBC even made a film. As the team refers to this kind of popularity?

– I don’t know, best to ask the players. At least it’s funny and interesting, as we live our own enthusiasm. So much attention for us is flattering, but on the other hand, the guys deserve it. Each of them works every day on the field and outside it. It’s like snow on the head in a good way, because we did not expect such effect. It all started with an article on the Eurosport website. About then we made a little video, which spread via facebook, went to the interview on radio. Most interesting is that Frankie Boyle, presenter of BBC, the main character of the film, has personally selected Vessel. The film is dedicated to the 2018 world Cup in Russia, and Frankie, surprisingly, he found us, persuaded all the producers to come and shoot there about our club.

– Denis, in the three years of the existence of “Celtic” of any titles has made the team?

We twice became Champions of the Shatura district. Won the prestigious tournament named after hero of the Soviet Union Savushkina. It is always an honor, as the final takes place on 9 may. It’s important for all people who play football here in the city. And we have the younger generation, which became the bronze prize-winner of regional championship, and, of course, it is important to note the fourth place in superiority of Russia in their debut season for us. And we would like to not only repeat the success, and progress. It will be hard, but we will try.

– April 21, started the season in the 3rd division. What tasks do you set for the team?

– Any specific objectives in the table in front of us is not worth it. We play football, we enjoy it, play both for themselves and for the city, for the team, the club, for the idea. Unfortunately, the prolonged winter has let us down in terms of preparation for the season, so the first game on the calendar heavy.

– We all know that anything can happen in football – both victories and failures. How do you manage to motivate and charge the guys to win?

– All depends on the situation. If it’s a home game, it is some words: we have our own subtle tweaks. The guys themselves are sufficiently motivated. Because as they say? “Fans are the best professionals” because they do it on the basis of internal motivations. We strive to be a home team in the first place so as not to upset the audience and play for them. It is very important to play for the fans, because football without support makes no sense.

Remains whether the team together outside of soccer? Maybe you need some third-party promotions?

– Of course, we have our own, so to speak, home girl, we love to play active games, for example. Something like “Crocodile,” it really helps them. We are constantly communicating, constantly are in close contact with each other, but the funny thing is our “motley” team. No one ever would have thought that these people can communicate with each other. Do we stock? Yes, of course. It is directly connected with the idea of the club with charity. We try to cooperate with the rehabilitation centre for children in Shatura. Plans a lot of interesting ideas. First and foremost, we are trying to get to his feet in order to help others more. For example, closer to the New year we visited the children’s rehabilitation centre, buy gifts, organize an event for children, and frankly, we collected players funds.

I know that very often you go to matches of the Scottish club Celtic, and even communicate with the players before the match at the hotel. How they reacted to the news of the creation of the “Celtic” in Shatura? Ask you about your team achievements?

– In different ways. Someone is surprised, someone admired it. Yes, there are players who are constantly interested in. Great support comes from the administrative staff. For example, from the CelticTV: they love us. They have in the office is full of our merchandise. In social networks you can find very funny pictures with t-shirts Shaturskaya Celtic club captain of Glasgow Scott brown. Young talent the Celtics, Kieran Tierney, also received a personalized t-shirt.

– Explain where you got such an unusual name.

– I changed the name in the passport. At Celtic it means “son of loving parents”. I took it almost 10 years ago, I thought: why not change to one that would reflect my inner state and way of life…

– And what means created the club?

I don’t really like to talk about it, but somehow all created by our forces. Somewhere help friends, carrying out voluntary donations, but they are not as large as I would like: equipment and other necessary items we purchased with my own money. Installment in the championship of Russia helped us Shaturskaya administration, but mostly we exist for his own means. We would like to create a model in which it would be possible to earn something, but it needs to work properly. We are open for cooperation with everyone willing to accept any help, because we want to do it unilaterally, and to give something back.

– World-known footballers there are some pre-match rituals. For example, the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas wears socks inside out. You notice your players something like that?

– Yes, of course, there is. But I would not want to reveal all the secrets, because it is so personal! And the players are still superstitious people, each one has a particular ritual, including in our team. I advise everyone to attend our matches and see it firsthand. So welcome to Celtic from Shatura.

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