Schoolgirl accused of raping father had caught her in connection with the teacher

The terrible details of life with the mind of an ordinary Moscow family became known to police after them with a statement addressed the parents of 14-year-old girl allegedly seduced by a physics teacher. It turned out that the mother and father of the victims have each other brother and sister, the girl said that dad periodically rapes her!

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As we found out “MK”, sordid story began with the fact that at the end of last month, the 15-the summer schoolgirl of one of schools of Alina (all names changed) my father found a strange correspondence in the messenger on mobile. Teenage girl exchanged intimate messages with an adult man. The daughter told her parents that she’s having an affair with a teacher of physics, 57-year-old Victor. The mother and father found out where the “boyfriend” of their child, and came to his home. A grown man did not deny the affair and admitted that he loves a girl and he asked her to meet me. After a conversation with the teacher, the couple went straight to the police. In the neighborhood a schoolgirl in the presence of his mother interrogated. What was surprising custody order when they found out that the girl — child of two relatives (brother and sister). As told “MK” a source in law enforcement bodies, the parents of Alina, one mother and two different fathers, but a man and woman have the same middle name. The couple lives in a civil marriage. Until recently, the family almost everywhere it was characterized positively. However, in 2003, her father Daniel was convicted under articles of the criminal code of the Russian Federation “the Beating” and “Threat by murder or causing of heavy harm to health”. And in the beginning of the year Aline had to call an ambulance due to head injuries — in the first case she said that she fell herself, and in the second the father allegedly gave his daughter a slap.

On questioning, the girl explained to law enforcement that were first drawn to physics teacher, as a father, and then they started love. Male, until recently, only kissed her and touched her Breasts, and this spring, she repeatedly slept with the physicist right in the school office and at his home in a rented apartment. However, the suspect was released under recognizance not to leave. Against the Victor, a criminal case under article “Sexual intercourse and other sexual acts with a person under sixteen years of age.”

But most of all the guards surprised the other recognition. The girl said that from 2016, regularly raped by her father. According to the teenager, the man threatened daughter with violence and satisfy their baser needs, when mother wasn’t at home when she slept or was in the bathroom. Alina’s mother said that nothing about domestic violence is not known. According to the woman, it did not work, so how to care for dying mother and left the house only to shop. The girl’s father worked at the sausage factory. Police detained Daniel is checked.

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