The expert found a replacement for Dzyuba in the national team of Russia

Ended on the eve of the 29th round of the Russian football Premier League marked the main event determined the champion of the season 2017/2018. No surprises here: “the locomotive” has won the title, which was a year, maybe all of fourteen years old, if counting from the previous championship. But in addition to the “Golden” match was in the penultimate round of the Russian football of the year and other highlights.


We traditionally discussed with the semifinalist of the world Cup 1966 and a former football player of CSKA Vladimir Ponomarev.

— Vladimir Alekseevich, how do you evaluate the accomplished title of “Locomotive”?

I expect that Lokomotiv will break, although in recent years the game, they did not Shine. But two rounds before the end of the championship could score points to win. Of course, Semin was hoping to win “Zenith”. Well turned out that at the last minute scored a goal. Three points is the League title. “Locomotive” a long way down this path. Yura I have already congratulated him, called him. They are great! This is true.

— And if to speak about other matches, for example, “Spartak” — “Rostov”. Here the result is natural?

— “Spartak” played quite well, won all three points. Honestly, I thought “Rostov” “Spartak” will play differently, but Karpin has surrendered at discretion. But was hoping to grab the “Spartacus” at least one point… What to do, did not happen. Karpin, a man of principle. He wouldn’t just give points and experienced a lot when the opponent scored goals in this match.

The “Rostov” is good, but “Spartak” looked interesting. After all, in “Rostov” played by many who had previously played for the “red-whites”. No wonder they left — so not suitable for the Moscow team. In “Rostov” plays Parshivlyuk. I always wondered: “How such person can play at a high level the team?” Never it did not expect and was not considered a good player so — so middling. So he stayed. Well, what can you do? In other words, he’s unable to play. And there are a couple of people barely pull…

Now “Spartaku” to play with “Dynamo”. The Dynamo can give red-and-white three points with the condition that “Spartak” will help them next season. It happens anywhere and everywhere. Is not defined and not prove ever again.

— Is it possible?

— Still don’t think that “Dinamo” will give “Spartaku” a victory easily. Their meetings are always very principled. Otherwise the fans will be unhappy. So, you still fight. “Spartak” could even lose a couple of points. Then the army will be in second place. That would be great. Still a silver medal is not bronze, is another matter!

— What appeared in the last round, “Zenith”?

— He has lost everything that is possible with the bad of his game, conflict, probably… now Heading to fifth place. If you win “SKA-Khabarovsk”, in Petrograd will be a total of 53 points. “Krasnodar” as many there are now, and they will play with “ruby”. The result is a fourth place, and “Zenith” — the fifth.

— What can you say about the meeting of CSKA — “the Arsenal”? Why such a big score?

All CSKA head and shoulders above the Arsenal players. Though the same Dziuba — all of it was hoping. What’s the point? The post post. CSKA in defense play great players: Berezutskiy and Ignashevich. Dzyuba to fight them can’t. They read. Stood before him and he did not do anything.

Match for CSKA was successful. Arsenal lost in the first minutes. CSKA have scored immediately whacked them. Arsenal have lost on all counts.

Played very well today. I was always criticized, but this time I really liked it. The guy is growing! If this will continue to progress, will become a great player.

Fedya Chalov scored three goals. He probably has some kind of flair on the rebound. He feels the position is a good quality. Will add more in the movement and individual skill — be generally good. Youth CSKA well growing up.

— There was a view that it is better to take Chalova in the team instead of the headlights.

— I agree. It is fresh, you can “shoot”. At the time, got into the national team Valery Porkujan. Was absolutely unknown, but has played for the national team and scored the most goals.

In CSKA it is a pity Kuchaeva. At an early age to such about personal injury is really bad. God help us to recover. It’s one thing to 26-27 years, so to get injured, and then… Just terrible! Flew “crosses”. This, of course, depends on the field: play on grass, on artificial. Different load on the musculoskeletal system. It is necessary to strengthen the ligaments. In my day, more often suffered by the menisci, and the cruciate ligament is rare. On the artificial pitch of the foot are inhibited, and on “crosses” is a very big load. In many cities stadiums artificial field, because in the winter we play football. That’s what led Fursenko!

— Before the world Cup we lost due to injuries of the knee ligaments.

— Kokorin “flew”, Djikia broke, Vasin, too. It is necessary to persuade Berezutsky and Ignashevich, put them in a team. No one else will pull you, and they may be the last time. But, of course, tune them, it is hard, very hard. Play we have no one. In principle, the team we have now virtually no. They also do not want to look bad and to leave on a bad note. They say, too, I —igruli-millionaires worst of all — losing one’s health and even to leave the spat.

— Returning to the Arsenal match. The FTC will consider an insult Dziuba fans of CSKA. Why are such incidents possible?

— Yes, because idiots who do not respect your club. The penalty for inappropriate chanting — 100 thousand rubles. Nerds fucking! CSKA pays approximately a couple of million a season such penalties. Would be better if the player bought with the money.

— And who to fight. There are teams in the bottom of the table, they also get sick.

— Yes, “SKA-Khabarovsk” was eliminated from the Premier League, but there is nothing to pay attention to. They are long retired, someone has to “fly”. Another example. While in the penultimate place “Tosno”. A good team, but they have a lot of work, no personnel policy, no money. So many options… Here’s a situation we have in the championship.

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