The most beautiful cheerleaders “Spartak” has predicted his team to victory

About “Spartak” now speak extremely a lot. Reason enough: and lost the championship, and recognition of trainers and even some restructuring of the team. However, most of such heated discussions based on hearsay.


But the beauty contest among the cheerleaders of the “red-white” – it is a real event. There are 10 finalists in the four trials are trying to demonstrate to the jury their talents. Who are the judges? This time they were players Artem Rebrov, Louise Adrian, Andrey Yeshchenko, a true legend of the club, a famous journalist who started out in the “MK”, by the way, Leonid Trakhtenberg and honored artist of Russia and devoted fan of the Moscow club Mikhail Efremov.

Beauty pageants have long ceased to estimate only the parameters of the figure and charm of a smile, the important criteria was charisma and erudition. Therefore, the contenders for the title of the main beauty ask questions about the solar system, children’s authors and classical music. That finalists “Miss “Spartak”-2018″ had to demonstrate not only defile, but to show the depth of knowledge about your favorite club.

If the question: “What kind of sports often involved the sisters brothers Starostin, Claudia and Faith?” girls found it difficult to answer, the name of the wife of captain Glushakova instantly shouted in unison. But the names of the daughters of Carrera to guess the contestants failed. And the jury, apparently, the answer to the question didn’t know. Artem Rebrov asked Adrian: “do you Know the name of the daughters of the Pope?” – a positive nod of the head followed. But the girls got out as best he could: “don’t remember the names, but they’re so cute”.

Often recalled and rivals. For example, during a quiz among the audience, the man, still saying: “the team is winning, and losing…” – I shouted – “CSKA!”. Made the audience smile and greeting one of the participants, who “loves to chase the horses” – she’s a rider.

Another challenge was the competition called “face painting”. The guys at random from the audience chose a girl, had to wait until the masterpieces are finished. Painted white and red diamonds and hearts, expressing a particular love for the club. One man even had the Spartak chicken pox (Artem Rebrov called her spartanly): red and white watercolor dots went long from the face of the victim contestants. Heath was grim with the image of a dog. Although initially the audience the idea is not understood, later, she explained: “In “spartake” there were several downed dogs, this is one of them. I think you can guess who we are”. From the hall came a very familiar last name.

And the man, whose face is divided in two parts – happy and unhappy – symbolized the emotions of two brothers Kirill and Dmitry Kambarovich who play in different clubs.

In the contest sang songs, danced and recited poems. Someone told me about his love of “Spartacus”, and someone on the plight of women. Unusually loud was in the performance of a contestant unofficial anthem of fans of “Spartacus”, a song Maksim – “do you Know”. Guy in the audience even took to the air the lighter and Andrey Yeshchenko quietly began to sing along.

Before the final show contest leading again decided to test the knowledge of the audience to play shirt autographed by the players. However, not all questions were simple. Sometimes Artem Rebrov was intended. For example, as it was called football in Russia in the late 19th century, nobody knew. It turns out that nogomyach! Differing views were expressed in response a term used to describe dense protection. “Bus!” – shouted the boy. Although the organizers meant by “concrete”, the response received, counted and gave the boy the promised prize.

The longest final scores exhibited Yeshchenko, and then said that the views in the selection of the winner, the jury dispersed. However, no girl without a gift left. Revealed, for example, miss artistry (Olga Parshina), congratulated which, of course, Mikhail Efremov. Under the classic costume of the people’s artist was seen Mike “Spartacus”. Awarded and miss charm (Valery Martyanov), and even Ms. fitness (Julia Bulova). And the winner of the contest was Elina Filatova. In the creative test it incendiary sang a song “atas”, however, instead of the original words shouted “Spartak”.

Close calls, greetings and cameras instantly enveloped the girl from Novosibirsk. Friends told me that Elina was preparing for a long time, although the first time the stadium came just over a year ago. However, once “Spartak” was fascinated by it, and “Open arena” was one of my favorite places. “I always wanted to mean something for “Spartak” got it” – through tears said the winner.

And after Adrian and Eschenko lit on the stage as if again became Champions. By the way, girls red-white gold of the championship of Russia predicted, and the contestant Olga Parshina, which operates a leading weather predicted Spartak thunderstorm on may 5, and, consequently, the victory in the match against “Rostov”. And not wrong…

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