Astrophysics: the Sun will destroy life on Earth and turn into fog

An international team of scientists found that in the distant future the Sun, in all probability, will turn into a planetary nebula. Thus, according to the forecast of experts, the Earth will be uninhabitable before that. Events awaiting the light and the Solar system as a whole, is devoted to the new science the work of scientists.


According to scientists, the chances of many of the predicted changes (or, at least, observe them from the surface of our planet) mankind is low — within the next billion years the Sun will be brighter by 10 percent and this will be sufficient to evaporate all the oceans on Earth and, as a consequence, to make it uninhabitable.

Even after four billion years, the Sun, according to scientists, the Earth is engulfed completely by the time it will turn into a red giant and will increase in size to the modern orbit of Mars. The extension will have only the outer part of a star, while its core, opposite fit.

Neither the heat of the Sun, nor its subsequent transformation into a huge star aren’t truly sensational assumptions — previously, such forecasts were already many experts and, in General, such a scenario is regarded as the most likely scenario. However, the authors of the new scientific work focused on the events that will occur with the Sun still later. By building a computer model, scientists have objected to the assumption that he will not have enough mass to form a planetary nebula.

Experts say that the Sun will become a white dwarf, which will continue to Shine for ten thousand years, through the consecration of substance that will be placed around. Although today many believe that the transformation into a planetary nebula to the Sun is not enough mass in the new study argues that this still happens, albeit last, in the cosmic sense, very long.

The study was published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

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