Named unexpected hobby, extending the life of 7 years

Players live an average of 7.7 years longer than men, which this hobby is not close. To such conclusion experts of the University of Melbourne in Australia. As experts explain, a longer life can boast, at least people who have chosen chess as a professional career and has achieved in this field some success.


After reviewing the information about 16 thousand people, experts found that the holders of title of grandmaster, the average life expectancy was significantly (typically 4-8 years) than the rest of the people. The same was true of winners of the world chess Olympiad

Scientists are inclined to believe that between chess and longevity can exist both direct and some more indirect relationship. On the one hand, the type of activity that causes a lot of thinking, reduces the likelihood of developing neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly. On the other, players often avoid the use of alcohol and in General lead a healthier lifestyle that can also be one of the secrets of their longevity.

Experts suggest that to extend a man’s life can not only chess, but other intellectual sports. The study was published in the journal PLOS One.

Most of the research on the impact of sport on health, focus on the sport in a more narrow view, that is, forms of activity, which implies, first and foremost, exercise. However, scientists tend to underestimate the fact that maintaining the “tone” of his own brain, at least equally important in order to live a long life. Last year a group of researchers from the University of Edinburgh has noticed that every year devoted to higher education, approximately a year increases life expectancy.

Recently, another study devoted to chess, has shown that women, contrary to popular belief, in General they are no worse than men.

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