Scientists have found a link between low human weight and dementia

To unexpected conclusions reached by scientists in studying the effect of low weight on his body. It turned out that the lack of body weight may cause the development of persistent violations of higher nervous activity, accompanied by loss of acquired knowledge and skills and reduced learning ability. This phenomenon in the medical environment, more commonly known as dementia.

Scientists from the school of medicine, Boston University conducted a study which studied the impact of the lack of body weight of a person on his body. According to the results of the experiment, the experts found out that low weight can cause the development of mental disabilities. As reported RIA Novosti, the results of the work published in the scientific journal Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

As stated in the publication, with a low body mass index — the ratio of the mass of the person to its growth at the age of 50-60 years in humans, increase the chances of seeing the diagnosis of “dementia” in the history of the disease.

A major factor in the loss of intellectual abilities in older scientific works called age, but the results of the study revealed that the insufficient weight in people aged 50-60 years dementia was recorded more often than their peers with normal weight.

Regular lack of sleep and widowhood are also listed in the scientific work as negative factors contributing to the aging of the brain.

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