Space: the RCC tournament 2, where Emelianenko knocked out Gonzaga

On may 5 in Yekaterinburg his next fight held Alexander Emelianenko. Knocking out Gabriel Gonzaga, he showed that he is still right, but the RCC tournament 2 as a whole phenomenon for the domestic mixed martial arts at all unusual. Reporting Alexey Safonov — about the correct attachment of the organizers, backstage fights and secundigravidae one of the athletes.

Photo: Nikita Gusarov

Russian Cagefighting Championship (RCC) held in Yekaterinburg, has his second tournament. It is still a local geographic promotion, which, however, almost the first of all large Russian organizations decided to devote time to TV-the picture and the visual component.

Of course, most often it was a question of Finance. But in our MMA and then there are dollar millionaires, only since the “Legends 2”, which took place on 8 November 2013, to the steep design of the tournament so no one came.

Now there is good news — there was a chance that the product of own production can be sold. Because the event is not only selling tickets for the event itself, but the repeats are broadcast. And how it is perceived on TV, and depends on the interest of the public.

“Yes, there is a space ship,” he said over dinner on the eve of the tournament, one of the organizers — Alexander Seredin answering the phone.

I thought it was a metaphor. But judge for yourself how it looked:

Photo: Nikita Gusarov

Photo: Nikita Gusarov

Photo: Nikita Gusarov

It is not even rendering, but the fact that this is true for our space martial arts. It is interesting to watch not only inside the stadium but also on TV. It is delicious for photographers and cameramen. Yeah, one light is under ten million, but this is perhaps the most solid investment in the organization of the tournament.

Especially under the condition that the fees of some soldiers fighting in Russia, equal to that amount. And not always they show the spectacle that will twist in repeats. But this design is absolutely sure to hook the viewer. Just don’t stop and continue to surprise.

Tips Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov

But before the tournament starts repeating, we need to attract fans initially. With this task successfully and with 100 percent guarantee to cope Aleksander Emelianenko, who the opponents were selected by the ex-UFC fighter Gabriel Gonzaga. And because of the locality of promotion we have said, it was not without the main star of the Urals — Ivan Starkov, who returned to heavyweight to fight Geronimo DOS Santos.

While the participants of the main fights was just going to leave the hotel, KRK Uralets was already something similar to Destro. Vadim Kafarov was broken door in the locker room resentment over the loss of Arthur Karavaeva, preliminary fights did not reach judicial decisions, and to me, as a journalist, it’s time to warm up with Vitali, Slipenko from GM Promotion, in the corner which had to be.

A fight with Oleg Olenichev began right when the room settled down Habib and Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. Were they behind our with Alexey Gunenko (coach) backs, and apparently out of solidarity, the father of the champion of UFC began through us to pass on the tips is Slipenko.

But to suggest was that: in the rack was all good, but Alenichev smartly executed their game plan and pressed to the cage of Vitali, while trying to transfer to orchestra seats. Stand up if it turns out, it is still without any effect from the point of view of the initiative.

Photo: Nikita Gusarov

Let off the grid deploy – once again heard the voice of Abdulmanap. But never came out.

Coming off the break between the second and third round, Nurmagomedov Sr. broke down and beckoned to him, giving another advice.

– Let your left hand holds it under his arm. And that’s all.

However, neither this nor the request to go all-in didn’t work and Alenichev won by unanimous decision.

– So stale it you?, first question, Slipenko from someone in the locker room.

– Putty, ‘ replied the soldier, considering the fact that almost all the time the fight took place at the wall.

After a few minutes Alenichev and Slipenko was found in the room under the stands, took pictures and talked with him warmly. One noted the impact at the beginning, and the second, of course — fighting.

Soon to Shtyrkova, money for Gonzaga

Stadium security was severe. To enter the locker room to Alexander Emelianenko was, in fact, impossible. She was separate and it was only with his seconds. Ivan Shtyrkov had been warming up in the hallway with headphones in periods of smiling and accepting wishes of good luck from the passing.

With the Brazilians little bit different. Gabriel Gonzaga and Geronimo DOS Santos stood together on the other side of the arena. In the locker room, they behaved quietly and peacefully. Were allowed to go, to take pictures, shoot.

However, if you put your hand on your heart, face it: both did not expect, in addition to the fall in the knockout in the first round.

But suddenly something went wrong. Mondragon, who only once in his career has defeated the fighter from Russia, and then wait until the judicial decision (and over 60 fights in his professional career he has such a misfire has only happened four times), badly made nervous the whole Ekaterinburg.

Having been in a standing knockdown in the first round, he bravely waited for, when Starkova run out of gasoline and he began to answer. Passes to feet Ivan did not work at all, attempts suffocating receptions were doomed to failure in view of the absence of DOS Santos’s neck because of the huge trapezoids, and all this show has become like a strong-willed fight under the supervision of the ambulance.

No, seriously — the amount of oxygen in the body of both athletes was really scary. In the end, miraculously, they are on their feet has remained intact to the end of the third round. And in order to hear the verdict — a draw. For the first time in his career Shtyrkov couldn’t win, and Geronimo for the first time in his career he is going to appeal.

At least until he was sitting and tried to catch my breath in the dungeons of the stadium, this was the Portuguese interpreter from his second. And Starkova in the locker room still came the doctors.

Photo: Nikita Gusarov

Watched all this stunned Gonzaga, who did not expect that tune to fight with Emelyanenko Jr. have for so long. This is how many times the head can reach the thoughts of what you signed…

Plan Gonzaga was known in advance. All of his rivals — a few years ago, and Alexander, I think, 5 minutes after I suggested this fight. Despite attempts by Gabriel to build a career in Boxing, everyone knows him as Grappler and wrestler. He is a professional blanket that is zalivaet their rivals.

This started a fight with Emelianenko Jr. And lasted until the end of the first round. And continued in the second. And it was disheartening exactly as long as the judge has not bothered to hear the whistle from the stands and not have to lift fighters in the rack. And there, of course — no chance. Another sweeping attack Alexander, brand for the whole family Emelianenko, and another opponent who is not ready to stand under the hail of these attacks. Gonzaga fell and five thousand spectators in Yekaterinburg roared with expected but unusual victory.

– I could have prevented transfers Gonzaga to the ground. But I showed people that it’s not easy to beat the lying, and that it is possible to fight with the wrestlers in any position, told me after the fight, Sasha. The full interview with him, by the way, has already been published.

Gonzaga made no secret that he has trained for this fight only two months, and hopes to be in better shape for his next challenge. And, of course, did not hide it something else: besides the fact that Gabriel called Emelianenko, the younger a good opponent, he said that the last fight — good for him.


After a couple of hours Gonzaga and Alexander met again. This time in the hotel lobby. They warmly thanked each other, shook hands, and Emelianenko went to dinner. And to Gabriel, who had applied ice to the head, was joined by DOS Santos, who was holding a bottle of something with a degree. However, nothing criminal…

RCC 2 has died down. Yekaterinburg begins to get used to the status fighters and steep tournaments. On the one hand is good. On the other — the main thing that the strap does not fall off. It will be difficult to do, but if the information I have on the next tournaments confirmed, then believe me — you will not be disappointed.

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