The Director of the Cannes film festival has banned selfie

In France, on Tuesday, may 8, opened the 71st international Cannes film festival. Its Director Thierry Fremaux has forbidden guests to take a selfie on the red carpet. He explained it this way: those who take photos holding up the passage of the stars. In addition, said the organizer, people come here not to enjoy, and to watch movies. Why today, selfie from innocuous activities has become a serious obstacle in the organization of important events?


We’ve even seen the ceremony of inauguration of Vladimir Putin on 7 may 2018. The President took the oath in the Grand Kremlin Palace and assumed the position of head of state on a new six-year term. Almost everyone present was removed the passage of the President on the red more, and many have tried to take a selfie, turning back to the head of state. This was impossible on such ceremony six years ago. What stopped people: a simple lack of gadgets or respect to all this?

The Internet exploded with a storm of indignation – not ashamed to do a selfie with the President at such a crucial moment for the country. Journalist and political analyst Marina Yudenich here commented on the behavior of people trying to take a selfie with the President when he went through the hall: “it’s asking, not to offend anyone. And you really think it’s okay to do selfi on the background of the President walking on a red carpet? Moreover, standing almost in the front row. About what pictures of him leaning over the fence, I will not even ask. It’s like a slightly different red carpet in Cannes than not? …

But Cannes proved to be prudent, refusing a selfie on the red carpet.

Selfie from hobby informal youth has turned into a craze. It literally took over all the countries and continents: they do everything from Housewives and ending with heads of governments, Hollywood stars.

In pursuit of spectacular images of people are even ready to take risks. So, 24 Jun 2014 teenager named Jack took a selfie with the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth the Second, strolling through Belfast. The guy just broke away from the crowd, ran to the Queen and took a picture, which later made him famous all over the world.

Here’s how commented on the passion of people in a selfie psychologist Maria Tarasova:

Our society is now very narcissicism configured. If a person takes pictures of themselves and posting more than six pictures a day – it can already be considered a symptom of mental illness. The significance of the event for him is not as important as it is important to show that I was here. People want to exaggerate its importance in relation to anything. In 2012, the inauguration of the President, this was not, as were not as developed social networks, and just had nowhere to post photos. Now our life from the reality of flows in the Internet. Today, in order to attract people, such as customers, or to advance in your field, you need to keep their pages on the social network. And the significance of the event in which they are present, raises their personal status. From the number of posts now depends on business career or the love of the audience to the artist.

According to the psychologist, the dependence of the selfies and likes affects many adults who got into the hands of the gadget in conscious age. But if the mother makes a selfie sitting on the Internet, most likely, it will be well to do and her children. So the future generation will probably be even more dependent on virtual wins and shots.

– I believe that the Director of the Cannes film festival did the right thing banned selvatica on the red carpet. The only way to limit people’s desire to take a picture at the most inopportune moment. The dependence of the self – it is more hidden than alcohol or tobacco. But obviously, that people have blurred the boundaries between the virtual and the real world. Important events, such as the inauguration, it is not as important as selfie of myself against the background of the President. The declining importance of actual events can lead to apathy and depression, people will not have something to strive for in real life, and you will only enjoy the beautiful pictures online.

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