Dmitry Brusnikin: “Theatre is not a property but a place where people realize dreams”

At theatre “Practice” a change of “scenery” for the new artistic Director of the Dmitry Brusnikin. Although de jure he is the Director, while the Department of culture will not change the Charter theatre, until recently, considered Director. What will be the direction of popular youth platform which will define priorities — this Dmitry Brusnikin told the observer “MK”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— A year and a half my workshop (it’s NLA) was “Practice” resident, but I had no office, — says Dmitry Brusnikin.

— Can you clarify what you mean by resident in a foreign theater?

It’s such a beautiful name, I don’t really know what it means. When did our workshop, we very much liked the Department of culture, and for three years he supports us. Allocated funds, but since we did not have its own premises, the money walked with us at different theatres. First, the Roman Viktyuk theatre, then the theatre-Studio “Man”, but the relationship with the leadership somehow did not work out, for various reasons.

And a half years ago at the suggestion of the Director of “Practice” Yuri Miliutin we were here residents, this money came to the budget theater. Even at the start we agreed that the workshop will play their performances not only here but on other sites. In fact, the resident is the port of registry: is the administrative resource, production service, and we have a group of creative people.

I must say, because we’re here started to play sophomore year the play “This is I”, he is already five seasons. In General, in a month playing 16-17 performances. However, management realized that its a resource to ensure life workshop at different venues is not enough, and we were told: “Only here.” In General, our Alliance has not developed. We planned a large number of projects, but realized about 20 percent. This season we produced two performances, but the management took them off because they did not suit her. And when I asked the question: “Why?” — I said, “And we don’t like”. I think the reason is that it was a Director’s theatre.

— You have reached the conflict?

I didn’t have any rights on this territory, moreover, the relationship between the workshop and the administration was not prescribed. We also had a project with the Alexandrinsky theatre where we went on tours, and they were always successful, but this year the Directorate “Practice” for some reason, have not agreed on the continuation of the project.

And when the Department of culture has asked me to be in “Practice” a creative Director (I thank the Department for the offer and support), I agreed, but on condition that here will change the Director. This is my condition, because two years of joint activities have proved that working together we can not. Not because someone is bad or good, but we lose people plays. And I for plays are like children. From the point of view of economy, the Department was very satisfied with the previous Director, and they honestly tried to find a compromise between us, but…

— The candidature of the Director — it’s a big question. However, on the Internet write that you recommend frame from the Center of the folk song of Lyudmila Ryumina. Nothing against folk songs don’t have, but her background in mind: actress, and in the Centre served as the Deputy Director of public relations (!!!) three months.

— There is a proposal from the Department to consider nominations, and one of them, obviously, that what you’re saying. But half of Moscow knows that “Practice” and Brusnikin looking for a Director. Until I do, these functions will execute me.

— How a person feels, which finally gained its own roof over my head?

We wandered for a long time, but at some point I realized that wandering is great, but difficult. When no house, the enthusiasm after a while begins to fade. There are not their troupe, and I really like the idea of “Practice”, which was once formulated by Edward Bacow, experimental theatrical center of the new drama.

— Already have plans for the new season?

— Of course. First, to produce performances that were planned: at the end of June, Simon Alexander will release the performance “War hasn’t started yet” on the play Durnenkov. In July Alisa Grebenshchikova makes the play on poems by contemporary poets. And in September, will premiere two pieces by Dmitry Danilov — “Man from Podolsk” and “Serezha was very stupid,” directed by Marina Brusnikina. The performance will take place simultaneously at two sites Practice: one will start in the hall with 80 seats, and then the audience go into a small for 60 people.

“Practice” is a place not only for one workshop, the format of the site allows you to collaborate with others. I’m going to work with workshops of Oleg Kudryashov, Valery Ryzhakova. It will be an open platform, and we create a development program for a three-year, which will be different directions: modern prose and poetry, choreography. We will cooperate with all the contests of modern drama. Nowhere to come to the wonderful artists — they will also be here.

— The program is promising. But the names of the artists still little known. And the audience comes to names, and sell tickets today, the state assignment, a road map…

— We now get into the economy and we understand that the main income of “Practice” comes from several workshop performances, in particular, “Chapaev and emptiness”, “This is I”, they are hard to get. And Kudryashov’s workshop. It is clear that in addition to search and experiment there must be performances that generate revenue.

— You don’t ask yourself the question — why is it where I am, that is, Dmitry Brusnikin, nor come with good intentions (Viktyuk theatre, the Studio “Man,” “the Practice”), I don’t get along with management. Unlucky? Rock?

It is a philosophical question, I ask myself. The most interesting that I have with anyone — not with Manchester or with Rashkovan was no conflict, I’ve come here to such a conclusion so formed our mentality that with all of my wonderful relationship to Roman or G. Lyudmila Romanovna they have an amazing sense of ownership, against which I strongly advocate. It does not own (!!!) theatre, a place where people should pursue their dreams, and they need help. The theatre can only be modern and young and not old and decrepit. But as he grows old… So I want to “Practice” was not one of the playwright (as it was when Ivan Vyrypaev), and different authors.

— Maybe you’re the name change?

— No, but it needs to be the center as “the Practice” and is called the experimental theatre center a new drama. Just the concept of “new drama” as we expand.

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