“Donbass” Loznitsa at Cannes seemed to have a strange effect

In competition “the Special sight” the 71-th Cannes film festival involves two Russian pictures — “Donbass” Sergei Loznitsa, created in co-production of Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands, France and Romania, as well as Kazakh tape “Gentle indifference of the world” Adilhana erzhanova, which will show near the finale.

photo: a frame from the video

Sergei Loznitsa — Director of the Belarusian formally, according to the world festival of graduation place of birth. Now it is often called the Ukrainian filmmaker, because he lived in Kiev, and recently received Ukrainian citizenship.

Loznica studied directing at VGIK, worked at documentary film Studio in Leningrad. Recent years, lives in Berlin, produces documentary and feature films around the world, almost always associated with post-Soviet realities. His painting he has created with his constant partner — the Romanian operator and a native of Chisinau Oleg Mutu.

“Donbass” is based on real events depicted in 13 commercials, walking in the Network, the new Russia. They have a stage selfie with a Ukrainian Punisher ending his beating; phantasmagoric bride who can not recover from the joy of the accomplished marriage…

Loznica takes them as the music score plays in the spirit flooded the TV entertainment shows. Foreign colleagues called the “Donbass” black Comedy, absurdist horror, compare with the picture of elem Klimov “Come and see”, taken a completely different time and a different war.

Bride from Loznitsa name is Angela Tikhonovna Kupercaya. What is not Gogol’s Agafya Tikhonovna? And groom she had — with the familiar “Marriage” surname Eggs. Military action in the frame not required: domestic scenes are often more convincing than talking about what’s going on. Played professional and non-professional artists, they produce a terrible impression, but achieve an entirely different effect that the Director will likely not counted. The picture seemed to Hark movie in the 90s with his polubanditskoe aesthetics and vocabulary.

As in “Meek”, in “Donbass” starred actors from Yekaterinburg, working in “Kolyada-theatre”. Two of them — Sergey and Svetlana Kolesova — came to Cannes, and Moscow actor Boris Kamorzin invited the Director of the farcical style is harder.

The first “Career of Arthur UI” not everyone can master, masterly to withstand this universal masquerade and not to fall into unnecessary theatricality. And events are so painful that require extreme accuracy. Maximum feeling the truth in documentary films, in his works Loznica does not aspire to it, leads actors towards clowning. On the screen — not people, and trolls. Them in modern life.

“Donbass” scene, where a father only manages to disable bursting phone calls, a bunch piled on the table. A similar scene is in the 8-minute short film “on Duty” living in Moscow, a graduate of the University of London lenara Kamalova with the participation of Zakhar Prilepin in the role of the militia DND. She raised the indignation of the public after she said the award of the festival Tribeca in new York. There is also shown the conflict in the East of Ukraine, but with the eyes of a Pro-Russian militia, and it is about how war affects those involved in it.

Kamalov himself explained that the shot is not anti-Ukrainian and anti-war movie, wanted to show the tragedy of war. But not all of it. As Loznica, went to Donbas and never been there. So it looks like a masquerade. Have Loznitsa is the scene of the shooting of extras involved in the filming of the fake reports from the Donbass. The trouble is that there is no alarm and sign of trouble…

The theme of the trolls suddenly continued in “the Border,” Iranian Ali Abbasi, who has lived 20 years at home, and then moved to Sweden, received the cinema in Denmark. 40-year-old worker of customs has dog instincts. She looks — like a zombie. This monstrous woman, and she doesn’t know who she is, but only until, until you pass the border people with the same as her appearance, which was played by an actor with the last name Milonoff. And then it will become clear who is female and who is male. Such a nightmare and in the dream not dream, but why believe what is happening, do not perceive it as a masquerade and a lie.

“Cold war” the pole Paul Pawlikowska living in the UK and received the “Oscar” for the film “IDA”, filmed in its historic homeland and their native language about events in postwar Poland since 1949 and up to the tragic final decades later.

The “hand of Moscow” it is felt in all historical periods. The young heroine of the film played by Joanna of Swarms, in comes a musical group, singing a song Dunayevsky “Heart, you are restless,” which she heard in the Soviet film “Jolly fellows”, and then, having become the artist of the song and dance ensemble, performs at the giant portraits of Stalin in Poland, Lenin and Stalin and in the Russian sector of Berlin. Her lover Boris will become not only a mentor, but a man’s entire life, which even the emigration to France will not save from “hands of Moscow”. At the concert, right in Yugoslavia, he will be arrested and sent to Moscow with the subsequent predictable consequences. Images of the past superimposed on the present and reflect the state of the world in which Russia prepared for a terrible role.

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