International competition “Arabesque” celebrated the 30th anniversary of: Russian ballet masters of the world

More than 250 participants from 16 countries (Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Israel, Japan, South Korea and others), as well as 9 regions of Russia… 5 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze medals… these Are the results of the international competition “Arabesque”, a biennial held in Perm. One of the most famous and prestigious worldwide ballet competitions, wearing 2012 the name of the legendary ballerina Ekaterina Maximova, was held this year in 15 times and celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Yuri Vybornov (silver medal, second prize) and Catherine of Klyavlino (diploma). Photo courtesy of the press service of the competition.

The level of competition was traditionally high, hard selection. As a result of the Grand Prix – the main prize of the competition is not awarded to anyone.

The award of the Grand Prix at the “Arabesque” is actually an extremely rare phenomenon: only three times in the history of the competition. And last winner – Kimin Kim, who won the Grand Prix in 2012 – is now one of the brightest stars of ballet firmament.

In addition, many strong and attention-dancers failed to pass in the third round.

– Very heavy competition! admits it to me the winner in the male group Nikita Ksenofontov, comparing the “Arabesque” with other ballet competition where he had to go.- Usually when I’m at competitions come and see the contenders, I can see the approximate level. Here it’s all very floating, because there are so many good, decent members. It’s all changed, it was all very unclear to me. Someone left, someone didn’t pass on the next round. And constantly I was in some kind of limbo because I didn’t understand whom to focus.

Ksenofontov – dancer bright, with soaring emotion, starkly different from the other contestants with his personality. By the talent of the jury to pass (how was the jury of the Moscow competition) just failed by giving the dancer first prize and a gold medal. And here the verdict of the jury chaired by Vladimir Vasiliev was so accurate and infallible, that in this matter agreed with him and the audience, giving Ksenofontova (results of voting) the people’s choice award. In addition, for the performance of the Adagio from the ballet “peer Gynt” Nikita Ksenofontov and his partner Nadezhda Sorokina received diplomas of the jury of the press, as always working for the competition.

Approximately the same situation was the main competitor Ksenofontova at the competition dancer of Perm Kirill Makurin, which as a result and share with him the gold medal and first prize, and in addition was the winner of the second prize in the nomination “performer of contemporary choreography”.

And here we must mention one of the most celebrated of its graduates in the country and the world – Perm school. School of thought on this contest just brilliant. In addition to gold from Makurina, even in the younger group two winner: gold medal the student of II course of the Perm College Daniel Khamzina, and the silver of his twin brother Alexei. And performance of these dancers completely refute a fairly common myth that the Perm competition, the team are in some special, privileged position and they, as hosts of the competition, favors the jury.

In fact, it seems to be the way it is. Yes, brothers Hasina and Nikita Makurin received prizes. But I had to see these presentations: produced a most favorable impression in height and the extra line does not affect the technical component of these talented participants. Do not forget the young performers and the way. And that is visible to the teacher-the tutor of the twins, Victor Alikin who worked hard and honestly earned prize, the press jury for the training of participants. And the names Nikita Makurina, Danila and Alexei Hasinah to remember ballet lovers.

The favourable impression was made by another student of this College represented Rentsendorj Bulgan Mongolia. Country participants should not confuse the training this ballerina Perm and a silver medal in the senior group went to this dancer is also on the right.

Better than her in the competition was the only Korean dancer son Jong-UN received the gold, and this with the verdict of the jury, too, can fully agree. In the same way as with the undisputed leadership in the younger group another South Korean dancer Kim Yu Jin, despite his young age almost ready ballerina.

Dancers from South Korea, in General, traditionally dominated Arabesque (the delegation included 24 participants) and are also traditionally showed a great him training, but unlike the previous contest they become almost the exclusive prizewinners. So one more representative of this country of an Dream Jung though, and took, after his brilliant performance in the third round of the competition with a silver and second prize, but shared it with Russian Yuri Vybornov, a soloist of Musical theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, alone representing in this contest Moscow theatres.

With your number “will be Released at night in a field with a horse”, delivered to him by Constantine Matulewski he became the uncontested winner as a performer of modern dance, and this is not surprising. Room put on a Russian theme, and the guy used to work in the national ballet “Kostroma”, so equal to him neither in Russian theme (number similar in style to a room Mikhail Baryshnikov in a song of Vladimir Vysotsky “the fastidious Horses”), nor even in the performance of contemporary choreography at this competition is simply not found. Perfectly fulfills Vybornov and the classics. With his partner, the owner of the special prize “Hope of Russia” Diaghilev’s House and diplomantka of competition in the Junior group by Catherine Klyavlino (representing the school of “Gzhel”), he was absolutely compelling and technically masterful in pa d’esclave from ballet “Le Corsaire” and became the main opening of the competition “Arabesque”. It is particularly striking the fact that this dancer participates in competitions for the first time (and his teacher Dmitry Zababurin), and it is a pity that in June the artist will be 26, and this age limit to future participation in this kind of choreographic competitions.

Nikita Ksenofontov (gold medal, first prize).Photo courtesy of the press service of the competition.

The biggest impression on this competition were from Brazilians, graduates of the school of the Bolshoi theatre in the Brazilian city of Joinville. Especially note Iago Marcos distinguished in the contest of exceptional beauty (he mites, in his veins flows Italian and Indian blood), noble appearance, beautiful legs and “datanote” feet. He was born in the North of the country in the city of belém in the state of pará, was in school at the age of 13 from a dysfunctional family, his father never knew his mother, ballet is not loved and his son’s success in this endeavor is not welcomed. He earned a bronze medal and third prize, was awarded the media jury and a winner of the prize of the Perm academic theatre “For the best performance rooms at the music of Tchaikovsky”. Variation from the ballet “the Nutcracker” and really was out of competition. As well as pas de Deux from “Giselle,” which Iago soulfully sang with her partner LuAnn will Gondim, which also received a special prize for the Perm theatre.

The winner of the third prize in the senior group and became another graduate school in Joinville-Nunes Mayte, fragile as a porcelain statuette of dancer, notable for its graceful execution of a variation of Princess Aurora from “the Sleeping beauty”. And all the Brazilians showed the “Arabesque” is so good training and evidence that the entire delegation consisted of 5 people, honored artist of Russia, artistic Director of the Perm ballet by Alexey Miroshnichenko invited to your theatre. And Vladimir Vasiliev for the organization of this school while living in Brazil should put a monument. The great dancer deserve it. The school operates so well that almost every year it graduates become best troupe in the world.

The competition of modern choreography, traditionally held in the framework of the “Arabesque” and received the status of a full nomination 8 years ago, one of the most respected in the former Soviet space. Here always attracts the most interesting choreographers, and this time the prize here fought 88 participants from Russia, Japan, the Republic of Belarus, Latvia and Kyrgyzstan.

But the results of this contest seem not as indisputable as the classics. Alexey Rastorguev put a good room “My dear Serdan” for the song Edith Piaf (especially here impressed with the performance of Alexander Taranov), but the first prize (which eventually he was awarded) is not attracted in any way. Not too impressed with its originality and the room’s Marconini “Judas Iscariot” received second prize. Not bad, but it is a standard choreography. The competition was attended by more distinctive rooms.

– My personal preference and my grades, for example, are not coincided with the final prize, which was awarded the jury explains to me the results of the competition jury member Radu Poklitaru. Because the jury still is collective intelligence, which is based on preferences, on the artistic priorities of the entire company to a jury. I can note some progress in the level of works of contemporary choreography at the competition “Arabesque”. In particular, there are works that really hooked me as a choreographer, and it is not easy to do. When I asked why you liked a particular room, I answer that if I see this number I can put in 45 minutes of rehearsal, then there is art. And when I see that person shows something that I’ve never seen a brand new (fresh, invented, born), then to me it is art, and such numbers at the contest was. I will not enumerate all, but I can say that I was deeply impressed by two works from Chelyabinsk. One was called “one Hundred and eight” Tatiana Krickau and Denis Chernyshov, other Fauna Kristina Leonova. It is a pure form and that is the language, vocabulary, musicality, execution, and singled.

In any case, the preference of certain choreographers – a matter of taste. In addition, Radu Poklitaru participants, incidentally, received the diplomas of the jury of the press, I would have said interesting Nikita Ivanov from Moscow (for the competition he has prepared as many as five), Sophia Hajdukovo (also marked by the jury of the press), Alisa Rudenko, Mary gulyayeva, Roman Osipov, and some other choreographers.

Pleased with the results of the competition and its artistic Director, as well as the permanent Chairman of the jury, one of the most outstanding dancers of the XX century Vladimir Vasiliev:

– Once again strengthened the view – very high average level. And I think that such a high level in Russia, not only in ballet, but in all kinds of theatrical art. And of course we all want to see someone… that it was just an incredible talent! But I have to say that after all some of the representatives in this contest (and I am absolutely sure) in the future may become really such “stars”. First of all, of course this girl is Korean Kim Yu-Chin. And clearly that now, although she’s only 18, she’s a big, ready ballerina. I love artists who can hear the music. And despite the fact that sometimes she’s a little fast, they are still in her time. Or Vice versa, at a slow pace they speak: prapawat what they hear. And so do musically that cannot fail to touch people.

If to speak about the results of the contest of modern choreography, I am very happy that we made this separate.

– I noticed that most prizes were given to those choreographers and dancers who performed in individual competition, but those who played modern rooms in the main competition…

– Right! Well, what did you have to pay attention. It’s a good thing. Because it means that we do not have big differences between modern and classic. And the best proof – the classic dancers, the best of which, feel great now and in contemporary dance. But mostly I’m happy for that still and we have choreographers that are much better for me, more meaningful than the West. The most important thing!

Great impressions of this competition from the Brazilians…

– It is already a few releases in a row! Amanda Gomez, we have already the winner of two competitions: the silver medal at the Arabesque in the 14th year and gold in Varna. We are proud that our school in Brazil, the only Bolshoi theatre school abroad, of our country, gives the following results. There is, of course, it is our Russian tradition. The tradition of the Bolshoi theatre and Russian classical dance. And it’s great! And the proof: met now for the contest Margarita Kulik, who has long worked in Korea, and she said to me: “I’m glad to see the Koreans as a family!” And I said to her, “You are doing a great job!” I like what our Russian school takes possession of the whole world!

– Vladimir Viktorovich, compared to previous competition winners is still a lot of Russian. Look how crazy the success of the public had Nikita Ksenofontov, Yuri Vybornov. Because in the past, the competition is still dominated by the Koreans.

– Yes, because back in 2012 was absolutely phenomenal Korean – Kimin Kim. He is just awesome! But this competition has shown itself very well Russian artists. And it is also very good! Now the Perm school – I had seen that they had a disadvantage, for example in spins. That seems to be good shape, and rotation of such a strong no! And now I see – they began to revolve great.

About Perm… hear All the time that this competition is a priority Perm. Their dancers, they allegedly pulled. About the contest saying, why go there, there all Perm its will give. But I looked up, and saw what a splendid school here! Here what wonderful boys Daniel and Alex Hamsini!

– Yes, it’s not because they are from Perm, we, the jury, they give the prizes. They rightfully occupy space. They’re really stronger and better. How many girls from Perm, all around the world! In St. Petersburg, in Moscow they dance and so on… Stunning girls were. And now guys are incredible appeared.

– So that the results of the competition are you satisfied?

– I have a very, very pleasant experience from the competition. They are always here I was pleasant, because in Perm some kind of atmosphere other. It’s warm! In this period of time the entire city including all contestants and the jury, really breathing in unison. That’s what I like best. No undercurrents, no politeness: we need to give because the Retreat gave… all attachments of a personal nature. There is only one criterion – you need to dance well or very well. And then it does not matter who: Korean, Chinese, Jewish, Uzbek, dancers from Kazakhstan (very nice), Kyrgyzstan (too)…. In General, a huge number of participants who have not received medals, but only got diplomas, and some even got nothing… But still – it’s level! Before it was much easier to see because there’s barely someone was doing something. There was a gap. And now I see a great professional level, and he still was very high!

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