Julia Samoylova about the failure on “Eurovision”: “Horror, nightmare, very dumb”

After the final of Eurovision, Julia Samoylova broke down in tears in the dressing room. But found the strength to give us an interview. “The horror, the nightmare? For me, Yes, to be honest,” lamented the singer. That happened in dramatic for Russia the semi-finals of the competition and behind the scenes in the video browser from Lisbon.

photo: Artur Gasparyan

This probably has something symbolic. Quarreled and probably for a long time with old Europe almost all political and civilizational agenda of modernity, Russia even on “domokhozjaina” level the proverbial song contest “Eurovision” almost managed to stand out so subtly, and then to be left alone, although definitely very proud. If, of course, is not native to China. Literally the night after the second semi-final, when we in a voice mourned the failure of Yulia Samoilova, the night air reverberated lightning, which eclipsed all the other scandals the European broadcasting Union (EBU) broke the contract with China.

China, however, was at fault. Yielding to the universal excitement, undertook to show “Eurovision”, but spiritual braces are not designed. And there it is! Irish gay song boys dancing, rainbow flags. The Irish boys cut the check boxes of cablurile. And voila. No more “Eurovision” in China. Already have a vision of the lovers and fans of the “Chinese model” will scream now about with whom we should take an example. And then on the half hour-only in the night gay moved… Shameful!

In General we’re not very far from such castling, but preferred to keep more or less good, though very sour face at bad game. Bad in the sense that Russia for the first time since 2004, didn’t make the final of “Eurovision”, when it was introduced, this system of semi – finals due to the dramatic extension of competition coming up new countries, mostly Eastern European. An utter scandal and a painful slap in the face! Especially when you consider that the list of “Champions”, always held in the final, now left only two countries – Australia which is only the fourth time participates in the competition and have not yet managed to grow a serious portfolio, and – fanfare! – Ukraine. No comment…

In the official comments of the Russian delegation was only restrained enough made to some unpredictable “roulette”, which, however, “someone is running”, but who is unknown… No, there’s an incredible amount of countries, which is not something that is to win, and until finals almost didn’t. Years and even decades. One unfortunate Kingdom, no one ever need during the voting, which alone is worth! But the problem is that these countries are either stupid, naive – never looking for the “obvious conspiracies”, especially on “Eurovision”, not confront heroically “silvanian” and generally relaxed and absolutely do not take such responsible action, when behind “the whole country”, “after state”, La-La and other poplar… Slobs in one word.

Well if the authors of the scheme delegation of Yulia Samoilova “Eurovision” really pursued the noble goal of attracting special attention to the problems of people with disabilities through creative competition, show examples of solutions to these problems in their own country (at least during the turbulent year that was erupting around the singer), and would carry this noble message of all enlightened Europe…

But when every subway station in Lisbon, even the oldest from the middle of the last century, I see two or three or even all four of the lift, accessible not only to disabled people, but generally everyone who are too lazy or can’t walk stairs-the escalators (for example, with heavy bags or suitcases), raise questions as to the sincerity of the intentions of the authors of Russia’s “inclusive” europecanada …

However, these questions arose, of course, long before tours of the lifts of the Lisbon metro. That was the moment when a year ago, Russia and Ukraine have clashed in an irreconcilable the clinch because of “Crimean dossier” Samoilova. “The competition is unusual and the artist of our unusual,” admitted then in private revelations dedicated leaders…

But “no rest for the wicked,” as sung in the song. The contest, moved to Lisbon, was now more than ordinary, with a view everywhere you look. And that’s coming from Russia? “The speech of Yulia Samoilova was unsuccessful. Once it is not timely entered into the verse, at the end of the song did not hit the tone. The reason presumably become faulty in-ear monitors – Julia, most likely, have not heard them yourself – only music. Broken headphones if accidentally or it was a DELIBERATE act of SABOTAGE, is unlikely now to install,” read the first message from the first throne. The other three: “presumably”, “sabotage”, “provocation”, “competition freaks”… anyway, the song is good to start again…

On the “broken headphones” is not known even to the artist. And they alert our saw-heard from a distance. Wow! The saddest outcome of the story is, if banal and quite ordinary in any competition, the failure of the artist will result in Russia once extravagant tantrums and pumping ourselves with the universal anger and a familiar hatred for everything.

And it’s really very simple. Julia Samoylova was unsuccessful. POINT. Despite the fact that the level of participants and the quality of the songs this year are estimated by experts is quite high, which makes the competition intense and unpredictable.

The song, choreography, staging I Won’t Break are unable to add credibility to the artist, to which initially, a year ago, does not attempt to strike all the inimitable skill and professionalism. And in the year that has passed since then, when Julia “automatic” extended euromanut, these qualities, unfortunately, it has not increased.

It seems that even no one did. The idea with the stroller, if not lost its meaning in “normal” conditions, it had to be then backed up by impeccable quality performance. It is possible that this was not an easy task. Perhaps not feasible at all. But… the Remarks in the press center of the room Samoilova some observers, people are absolutely impartial, sounded more than reserved: “It was probably the longest three minutes in the competition.”

If you were to draw a literary analogy, you will probably recognize that in this situation Russia were Gogol unter-the officer widow, which itself and carved…


But both rejoiced in the blank! No, he is a very soulful and compassionate, spoke at a press conference the winners of the second semi-final on Yulia Samoilova. “I’m very saddened,” he said, ” She’s wonderful, she has a hard fate. Julia, you are brave and strong.” Several times reminded Euroopan that he is “Russian”, “Russia”, “proud”, as that is part of their international “dream Team” in Moldova, too “beautiful country with great culture.”

And rejoicing in the sun was associated with the breakthrough in the final group DoReDos so successfully “clipped” Kirkorov in the competition “New wave” last fall. In the morning, as they say, Philip was very nervous. The day before, in the first semifinal, as well as Samoilov yesterday, failed miserably in his other project – number Aysel from Azerbaijan. And projects Kirkorov and his big fat Greek “family” must be understood, not penny. Customers is not easy… In General, it was he, as to the slaughter, this second semi-final. Moreover, the bookies are not encouraging.

But clockwork Moldovans lit so that even the dead raise up from their graves on the nearby cemetery. Already the applause of the audience, it was clear that the chances of DoReDos very radiant. Philip shone on a press-conference winners and the host’s words: “This same gentleman, to which we should turn if you want to become a star at Eurovision – just floated like a fat Portuguese pudding.

And in fact, the failure of Russia Kirkorov very even hand. As the failures of all other post-Soviet countries that have not undergone final: Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia and Azerbaijan. Since the neighbor’s vote, despite all the squeals and squeaks that no one was able to cancel. And to whom are they feral in the finals, everyone will give their enthusiastic fans ‘ voices? But now – WHOM!

There is, however, a few nasty splinters in the light path Graphs to eurocastle. Annoying weights hung on his feet, norvego-Belarusian Alexander Rybak, with their insatiable ambition to conquer the Performed. It, too, is loved and honored for his on the same Kirkilovskoye clearing…

A smaller, but still the threat is in this perspective that the messenger of Ukraine Melovin. Smaller in the sense that a dedicated army of fans-malovystorop powerfully bred only in Ukraine, but impressive song and infernal fire room Under The Ladder, the artist made a very serious bid for the top spots. Himself say, despite the long-banned status in Ukraine, still counts on the voices of its bereaved in the Square fans and, apparently, so literally showered Melovin’a public tokens, so they were noticed.

photo: Artur Gasparyan
Debriefing of the Russian delegation after the “failure” of the semi-finals. Cried, wiped her tears and decided that life goes on.

Do not also ignore Estonia, whose “Diva Plavalaguna” Nechaeva Elina and good in itself, but its Russian origin may become an additional incentive to vote in the East, that is to say, sector. In General, solid nerves Kirkorov…

Also passed the sieve of the second semi-final participants from Sweden (Benjamin Ingrosso), Serbia (Sanya Ilic & Balkanika), Denmark (Rasmussen), the Netherlands (Waylon), Australia (Jessica Mauboy), Slovenia (Lea Sirk) is well within the scope of the notorious evroformat, but even the breadth of the framework was crushed by the heavy metal Hungarians AWS. Why would this group actually got into the Performed, remains a mystery. They are not Finns Lordi, who were amusing all in 2006 a daring show of monsters. They are just a metal band mediocre, which in Hungary is a dime a dozen. Say, you guys were just fucking around, Protasevich national selection with their metal figs in your pocket, as well as the Hungarians – the nation with outstanding rock traditions, all the people for it and voted.

Now also voted for Eurovision, at least in the semi-finals – most likely a protest vote is the most advanced of Housewives, their girlfriends and buddies. However, regardless of what fate will befall AWS in the final on may 12 – and it is possible that no – a piece of musical happiness they snatched, getting right during the “Eurovision” invitation to Europe’s largest metal festival Wacken Open Air in Germany. When would there have learned about the Hungarians, if not “domohozyajki” Performed?! Such are the perversions of the music is already gone, Conchita Wurst and the same man nervously Smoking…


While enrosadira sang and danced at a press conference the winners of the second semi-final, failed with his mountain Julia Samoylova in a voice sobbed in her dressing room, and just as on the eve Sevak Hanagyan from Armenia, it soothed the whole world. She was sure that easily makes the finals and just couldn’t grasp that such a blatant injustice happened to her. Narydavshis, still took himself in hand, and even gave an exclusive interview to “MK”.

– Julia, different reaction (semi-finals results and your performance), but very emotional: feel for you, disappointed, support, resentment, gloating… And much more. And I want to congratulate you! First of all, your participation in “Eurovision”, as you once dreamed of the impossible miracle, is still true! All! Came made. Enjoyed least?

Well…. Dream not quite come true. Because I still hoped that he would advance to the finals. Terrible nightmare? For me, Yes, to be honest.

– Still a terrible nightmare, you think?

– For me personally not to reach the final – it’s not a very happy result. Directly frustrated, dumb as a very.

– But you’re a competitive person, was not one match. And any competition implies not only victory.

– Yes, of course.

And now what is the conclusion?

– Must continue to live, make music, continue to sing, not to give up. Life does not end here, that’s for sure. Now I, of course, pessimistic mood, to lie no one wants. I probably need to somehow agree with myself.

– Still hard to accept the verdict, right?

– It’s hard.

– I think that he was unfair?

– Well, I think that in the end we certainly could pass. And there will be a place I never thought about it. But it is not important. It turned out the way it did.

– People several times go on “the Eurovision” in the end…

– Ambition can be. But if we take again the part (in “Eurovision”), it is necessary to do so with dignity, to not only make the finals, but also to occupy any leading position. For me still it is important and has value – place result.

Because you write songs by yourself…

– Of course, writing. I now have the album and the book. But to say that now immediately rush to write something special… No. I think time itself will choose me. As at this time. I have been waiting for “Eurovision”. I waited and waited, and it fell, so to speak. The same and still happens, if need be.

– If to abstract from result how up to your expectations of the atmosphere of the competition, which is always so much to say?

– Totally justified, I really liked it. Actually, I thought it would be more difficult, but time goes by really fast – because of the rehearsals from morning till night, different events, activities that are a continuous succession. And today, sadly even some realized that they would have to part with these dressing room in which so much time has passed, with this behind the scenes.

– Accustomed…

– Yes! To leave the people who work there, and that was so much communication. I regret talking about it.

– Are there any new friends among your fellow competitors from other delegations?

Members of we, unfortunately, did not make any friends. Just had time to exchange a couple of phrases: “good”, “excellent”, “stay”, “good luck” – in this format. But really I became friends, of course, with all of our team guys-dancers Ildar and Nastya, backing vocalists Ari, Netto and Xenia, Director Aleksey Golubev… I Hope the “Eurovision” our communication will not end.

– I heard Nechaeva Elina from Estonia sang your song behind the scenes. It was a flash mob, when the contestants have sung each other. Whose songs you had to sing?

– I quail Spanish song, though the Russian language. But I remember very many of the songs are: Swedish, Italian, Polish, German.

– Who will be the winner in your opinion?

– Think Germany.

– A completely unexpected prediction! Will follow. But hang in there, as they say…


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