“Night of museums” 2018: the best places and events in Moscow

May 19, capital 12-th time will go into “Night at the Museum”. It will cover not only the museums, theatres, galleries, art centers and art schools, but also their yards, where the concerts will give the fashion of the musical group. Free and until late in the evening doors will open more than 200 cultural sites, each of which prepares its program: various lectures, tours, performances, concerts…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The action for a few hours will turn into a big audiovisual festival that occurs in different parts of the city. After dark in the courtyards of museums will give a concert of the Moscow group, which will focus on the visual component. A special program will capture not only Central, but also small museums, less known to the wider audience of the campaign.

The main venue will be the courtyard of the Museum of Moscow. The first set will play a dj MoBKiD — promoter, founder and ideologist of a series of parties Mod Allnighter. He will be followed by a young Russian rock band “PACOS”. The band’s songs, which have already released three albums devoted to the capital and the millennial life in the big city, and the texts differ from citations in social networks. Closer to the night for the panel will be Peter Shinawatra, the leader of the band “the Breeze” — with dance music: soft dance-rock, guitar-rock disco and funky-groove. For exhausted and hungry in the courtyard of the Museum launch market “Local food”, which is already five years collecting the best Metropolitan food projects. This time to the gastro-lovers will be joined by professional chefs.

Point of attraction is the Museum of Mayakovsky. 2018 marked two significant dates: celebrate the 125th birthday of the poet, and the Museum celebrates its jubilee — 80 years. The program in the courtyard of the Museum will reflect the experimental spirit of the main Soviet futurist through music, set design and street art.

Special the story of the celebration of the anniversary of the poet — exhibition “the Hundredth April” in hall “worker and collective farm girl”, dedicated to one of the most prominent figures of Russian poetry and the myth of the twentieth century — Vladimir Mayakovsky. There are more than 100 exhibits from the collection of the Museum of Mayakovsky: from the famous futuristic bow of the poet, his early photographs and portraits of “beautiful, twenty-two” manuscripts, posters “Window satire GROWTH,” autocharge and self-portraits, most of which are shown for the first time.

For the anniversary of Mayakovsky gallery “na shabolovke” will show an unusual exhibition notes with questions and remarks, which the poet received from the audience during their performances. During his life he has 20,000 of such notes and even planned to publish a book with them. It is possible to provide “universal portraits” of the era: student and rabfakovka, security officer, clerk, worker, napsane, an intellectual from a “former”.

The program in the square at the Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky lane is inspired by traditional Japanese music. Reason two — the opened largest exhibition of contemporary Japanese art “Japan New” in the gallery at Solianke in the neighborhood, and the year of Japan in Russia. In the Park will showcase electronic label Hyperboloid Records, which produced many Japanese artists. In the program performances Pixelord, DJ Ambidextrous, Summer of Haze and DJ Saburov.

In the main program of the museums according to the tradition, there will be a lot of themed tours, new exhibitions, and concerts. In MMOMA at Petrovka artist Shifra Kazhdan organized a press conference where the journalists ‘ questions and everyone will answer photo of Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe in the image of Akhmatova. With a live set will perform Israeli musician-electronics Autarkic. And the building of the Museum on Gogol Boulevard, visitors will find tours of artists and curators on current exhibitions, performances and film screenings. In the courtyard of the Museum, the group will perform SLOMOO.

In the Vadim Sidur Museum will hold a tour for the deaf in sign language. Walking guides can be arranged in the estates of Kuskovo and Vorontsovo. Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers produced a program within the international festival of contemporary photography Photobookfest 2018. It includes lectures and excursions to exhibitions and short film screenings “Fake” and “Lenin is always with me.” In the framework of children’s programs at the Museum-Studio of Dmitry Nalbandian will read poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, and will come up to him the illustration.

In the Museum-reserve Tsaritsyno at the jazz reception will feature saxophonist Anton Boev. In the Opera house will open an audio project “sounds”: sound visitors will be able to live one day in the life of the city. On the territory of Tsaritsyno will host a night walk with a guide. In Bread house in the framework of the project “Why should the baby bear?” the children will tell about clay toys of different Nations. Walking guides can be arranged in the estates of Kuskovo and Vorontsovo.

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