The artist Ivan Glazunov: “We are able to return to Europe for their same school”

Too soon be a year since retiring from the life of Ilya Sergeyevich Glazunov. A great artist and close friend of our office, what we always remember. And so it is gratifying that his case — namely, the Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture — stands firmly on the same strong Foundation, and the son of Glazunov’s Ivan Ilyich as acting rector, is making plans for further development of the Academy.

And these plans — not some bureaucratic fancy, but a very real, very clever things (for example, art critics will necessarily learn the basics of painting). Meantime Ivan Glazunov was taken in Italy, which has already become famous for exhibitions in the Manege, the work of graduate students “Glazunovka” — clearly, the best of the best, number 35. That is a separate issue — as Italy met the Russian realistic art: has already used up four book reviews.

Ivan Ilyich Glazunov.

So, in the framework of international cultural project “Russian seasons” canvases graduates of the Academy, first exhibited in the memorial complex of the Vittoriano in Rome, and now moved to Genoa — Satura gallery (where the exhibition runs until June 9)… and whether there will be!

Curious how the paintings on the trucks move from city to city: some of them of such a size that it is necessary to disassemble, remove from the frame, wrap the canvas on a special rather big a drum for transport. Vintage eternal formula HAEC CIVITAS EST MEA (“my world”) was the more accurate title of the exhibition, as we are told Ivan Glazunov.

— Ivan Ilyich, do I understand correctly that the current tour of Italy is the first after the death of Ilya Glazunov major display of your graduates?

But it really was. For two months we have exhibited at the Vittoriano complex in Rome is the largest akin to our red square. We brought the best graduation pictures for 30 years — great work on the theme of Russian history, portraits of contemporaries, landscapes. For the first time in the Vittoriano was the Russian exhibition. And for the first time went to the Academy. That’s the kind of action we decided to do in memory of Ilya Sergeyevich, since it is with Italy began its international artistic life… We even took pictures in the same place, where Glazunov had himself photographed in the 1960-ies. But of course, the street has changed.

But now we moved to the gallery Satura in Genoa. You can’t imagine how strong the interest in Russia to our cultural mission. Because once Russia took an academic school from Europe, retained it for 300 years with much love and aspiration about the future. But for Europe it’s tradition has become amazing…

— They have moved into another reality…

— In Europe, all academic schools collapsed during this time. They have modern gradually replaced. They arte figurativo (as they call what is the opposite of abstraction) is almost there, and if there is, it is not a very serious level. And in Russia — willingly or unwillingly — have been preserved, fortunately, the unshakable position of the realist school. Moreover, we young artists show, this is not an exhibition of some Antiques, some archaic. This painting of the young that is an incredible interest and respect. And this is our mission — to represent the homeland of All the Arts this item: the picture-then our eternal good, the main thing. The expression of reality through high realism.

And people, you say, are keenly interested in the works?

— In Rome we have written four book reviews, we did not have time to change them. People react very positively. And it’s not only the Italians in Rome, many tourists from all over the world. So our message, judging by the reviews, comes. People understand what it’s about. Write to us in English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, German… it seems to Me that people in Europe have missed this painting, I miss even just on contemporary paintings in the frame. It is clear that we are talking about, and they really miss it. Because most museums and galleries here (as well as in Moscow) is passionate about contemporary art, but immutable and eternal classic cause still a lot of interest. And what is depicted on the canvas, touches people. Our main goal is not to surprise, but to touch the soul. And I think it works for us. The whole faculty of the Academy here, everyone was busy preparing for the exhibition…

— And how many works?

Karev S. D. “Kirillo-Belozersky monastery”

— Only 35, but among them there are very large paintings, four-meter. For all years were collected, although there are graduates and the past two years. Such is the kaleidoscope. But, of course, selected that performed at a decent level. Flow works here. And it is important that we have every year there is someone new who has something to say. Talents don’t stop there. The exhibition is called “This is my world” — in Russian and Latin. It’s an old Latin expression that was used in Renaissance painting. Often on frames wrote as a motto. As involvement in European and Christian civilization. This involvement common culture, common roots is very important for us to emphasize.

— After Rome and Genoa you have somewhere to go with the pictures?

— Until this issue is resolved. Is possible to extend the tour. Paintings are transported by truck. The biggest work we have to disassemble and wound on a bobbin with a diameter of 1 meter. Then they are loaded into a truck and transported. Besides, not in every room you can make work with the size of 3×4 meters. So, the exhibition is serious business. Reveal the secret — are we even now want to create at the Academy of international faculty to come to us students from Europe. The interest is very high. But that idea yet.

— A great idea: not being able to get such a great education at a realistic figure in Europe, they will get it in Russia.

— Here it is: we are able to give them back — their own European school, which is now in full decline. And for them it’s good for us to go to Europe with a friendly attitude.

— Continue the conversation about the Academy is what is now before you as before the head, are a priority?

— First, we need to preserve what has already been developed for thirty years. But, of course, it is necessary to develop: there should be a “reset”, some update. And faculties, and children need to work to open at the Academy of children’s art school, to cooking for students, children engaged in “General development” in our key. Working on international relations — promoted Russian art. And so — keeping traditions, value our teaching staff, a healthy conservatism is also necessary. But, I repeat, will still be updated, to strive for new activities. To develop the missionary outreach functions.

— Exhibition hall of the Academy is not yet completed?

— Unfortunately, there was a hitch in connection with the illness and death of Ilya Sergeyevich, there was a stoppage in construction, which urgently needs to be eliminated, and the gallery to build. But there are technical difficulties. In any case, we have it on the agenda, construction will continue, and the gallery of the Academy should become a center of attraction both for us and for our supporters.

Aldoshin V. M. “Ballet Dancer Vika Osipova.” 2004.

If we talk about innovations — we actively go to the social network, to the Internet, where all our activities are reflected. Updated the Academy’s website. It is also very important to us, exhibition activities, which podzatuhla in the last year for obvious reasons. And in Russia will be exhibited, and on the world. An artist should not write to the table. He must see his works at the exhibition. From the next — will Kostroma, which is no less important than Genoa. A lot of us suggestions coming… we have all the resources, including material. And most importantly, all the time in the bowels of the Academy of new artists with very interesting work. No matter — if they stay then to work with us or go somewhere in the world, is still our range of artistic interests.

More critics we should start writing in our time is very important.

— So they were not separated from the craft…

— Of course. They are the same participants in the overall process as the artists. So will be better to take in the profession. Even if they are not strong aptitude for drawing, it still needs to understand the technology. And just the lyrics in Russian correctly to write: unfortunately, looking at the current state of the applicants, we understand that they need more lessons in Russian language and literature, people just couldn’t write entrance essay. So it is necessary to introduce additional lessons and discipline up to the stage speech. Art needs to speak well, write well, have a good grasp of painting, and not just to do with the copying of texts from other books.

Oh, they are at loggerheads essays from the Internet, it’s trouble…

This is a disaster. We must teach people to think. And we will win this situation, because we need intellectually advanced personality. And artists, this is a concern.

— You know, like the musicologists, music critics often happens, they are stuck for life complex that they are not musicians, and they with a hatred suitable for classical music if engaged in bullfighting…

That’s why we their artists to teach painting. Not only that open the vocal Department at the Academy. Working with us, the ensemble “Sirin” that will teach all interested students to sing. And joined the mass of people. When a person sings, he reveals. All complexes disappear…

So a lot of plans. As the exhibition will end, back to Moscow, 10 June we have open Day, we are working with the evening of memory of Ilya Sergeyevich, and at the same time and will present all our achievements of the last year.

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